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Turn A Gundam: North Ameria CC 2345 by mdc01957 Turn A Gundam: North Ameria CC 2345 by mdc01957
Here's a surprise map based on the sleeper-hit anime series Turn A Gundam (… ,… ,…. Released in 1999-2000, this was made to celebrate Gundam's 20th Anniversary, combining all the existing anime shows into one overarching continuity. It's also the last Gundam series directed by the original creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino, with Yoko Kanno making the soundtrack. As for the story itself, it's a break from previous and later shows in the saga. Since it's essentially what happens if you combine a post-apocalyptic Gundam with Gone With the Wind, War of the Worlds and HP Lovecraft and put it in a blender. And...surprisingly, it works.

Also, I left a little easter egg in Japanese. Take a guess at what it means. ;)

In any case, hope you enjoy this!

*UPDATE* Did some last minute detail polishing. Also, if you're interested in seeing the "distant" prequel to this map, feel free to do so. (… )


Countless generations now separate the present from the end of the Dark History: a time filled with as much legend as actual fact. The ages that followed Man’s first steps into the ether were said to have had unbelievable wonders and scientific marvels. But they were also marred by unimaginable bloodshed as the artificial colonies fought a world by then unified against them. And with increasingly powerful and devastating weaponry, the conflict persisted, taking on different guises and names over time. Until one day, a cataclysm engulfed all of humanity as swarms of miniscule machines ate away at any and all technology. Some in space either escaped aboard their floating homes for the stars or had fled to the safety of the lunar settlements. Earth however was not spared, as the nightmare now long since called the “Moonlight Butterfly” destroyed what remained of civilization. The survivors were thus forced to begin practically from scratch, in the process reverting to older customs.

That too had come to pass long ago. North Ameria had since become home to teeming nations and tribes, many of which claiming descent from the distorted, half-remembered cultures of their distant ancestors. On the continent itself, two great powers reign over what had once been the Eastern Seaboard. One of them is the Principality of Inglessa-Bostonia, or Inglessa for short. Ruled by the Guinford line, the country takes pride in its trade and scientific research, hosting such marvelous centers like Nocis and Bostonia. The other, located to the south, is the Grand Fiefdom of Luzianna. Led by the respected Borjanons of Vicinity (former Virginia), it is a hub of agriculture and industry. Both, however, hold themselves to belong to the same virtues of liberty as the “Founding Fathers” who forged the nigh-mythic “United States.”

In terms of culture and appearance, civilized Amerians share remarkable similarities with their ancient predecessors. Indeed, technology and aesthetics, right down to architecture and fashion are reminiscent of the late 19th Century AD, at best reaching what might be considered World War I standards (biplanes, armored trucks, automobiles, dirigibles, etc.). On the other hand, centuries if not millennia of interbreeding have resulted in a number of people with mixed colors being in the majority alongside those of White and Black descent; one may be reminded of old Brazil in this case. At the same time, society itself has become in some ways reminiscent of the mid-late 20th Century, with gender equality becoming rapidly commonplace. And save for a few enclaves and distorted sects, Christianity has long died out, having been replaced by a myriad of beliefs that would be described as Native American with a strange combination of Greek paganism and Shintoism.

The further south one goes, however, one is met with various pastoral and semi-industrial states descended mainly from Hispanics surrounded by a sea of tribal hovels. The stark exception however is the Adeska Nation. Forged over time from disparate refugees and indigenous tribes, its inhabitants and allies had long since reverted to a culture reminiscent of their Mesoamerican ancestors. But beneath the fusion of Mayan, Nahuatl and other primeval peoples is a remarkably stable and competent society that is at least aware of most industrial advances. Some also suspect that their central temple may house something much more significant: a relic from the Dark History. In fact, their land holds no monopoly on this.

Across the continent, explorers and archeologists have stumbled upon “mountain cycles.” Although excavations on these strange structures and underground caverns had been ongoing for at least a century or so, it was only relatively recently that more concerted efforts have come into being. For good reason: within these cycles are, reasons still unclear to current science, weapons (including human-like war machines called “Mobile Suits”) and other machinery left over from the distant past, shielded away from the Moonlight Butterfly.

But these were not the only startling news to come down the wire. Not long after the current drive was enacted, reports claimed that the descendants of the lunar colonists, now styling themselves as the Moonrace, had made contact, claiming that they desire to “return to their Earth.” Despite clandestine efforts to negotiate with these highly advanced, almost alien people, all communication with them was lost, which was followed soon after by an invasion force. In response, both Inglessa and Luzianna mustered their military forces into the Earth Militia and attempted to fight back. But with little more than what were essentially Great War-era ordinance on hand and the excavations then ongoing, they were easily defeated.

That was until the awakening of the White Doll from its stone-covered slumber by a mysterious young man named Loran. The weapon, now designated as the ∀ Gundam, not only helped in stopping the initial invasion and buy time for the Militia to mobilize their recently recovered Mobile Suits but was also instrumental in holding a very tenuous ceasefire that may break at any moment. Some scientists analyzing the “Turn A” are concerned, however, for it seems to match the descriptions alluded to the monstrous creature that brought about the end of the Dark History. As well as the fact that it also seems to maintain “nanomachines” that sound most peculiar…


I do not own Gundam. All rights belong to Tomino and its respective owners.
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KingWillhamII Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
I'm curious as to why they picked North America as the setting, and not Japan or Europe like in most anime.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Who knows? 

Maybe Tomino read a lot of Lovecraft and watched Gone With the Wind. :XD:
KingWillhamII Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
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WOW! This is incredible! I was hoping to find a map relating to Turn-A thanks!
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Sure thing!

And thank you for the fave too! :D
3892 Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
Everlasting Deseret...I shudder at the thought of a Gundam being in the possession of the Mormons!
mdc01957 Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
Better them than the Neo-Bolivarians. :noes:
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