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September 12, 2012
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The National Revelation


It began with a very peculiar news report from Washington DC not far from one world's present. To the shock of political pundits, a young independent candidate by the name of Alfred F. Jones announced his plans on becoming President of the United States. His origins, as far as the press was concerned, were about as home-grown as it went. This seemed to put to rest any potential criticism on his citizenship, even though it brought up questions regarding his background and sudden entry into politics. Compared to other candidates, he looked (and in many ways acted) like a man barely 20 years old and way over his head. Yet in a whirlwind campaign across the nation, his speeches attracted crowds that were in most other circumstances divided over political, social and economic lines. It seemed baffling at the time how his assurances and promises of a "renewed America" had weight echoing past Presidents: matters he couldn't have known about.

But what surprised everyone in both Democrat and Republican circles however, wasn't so much the man's youth or bravado but the fact that he won the elections in a landslide victory: something that continues to baffle experts to this day. Through a series of sweeping reforms and PR stunts, he soon gained support among the majority of Americans across the political spectrum. Within a matter of months, the US underwent an upsurge that rivaled and arguably surpassed Roosevelt's New Deal. Indeed, no one seemed to question at first the fact that President Jones barely aged a day, if at all, amidst the popularity. Or that he was often out of the White House among everyday people as he was running the country. Or the fact that it caused a sensation internationally, with similar reports of peculiar people gaining popularity and power across parts of the world. Even as suspicions arose around the beginning of his second term, many simply shrugged it off as being due to his youthful energy driving him to help keep America great. Eventually, even the most skeptical academics and hardline of conspiracy theorists started softening their tune.

Everything for the most part seemed too good to be true. Nonetheless, many were taken aback by what many now call the National Revelation. One Fourth of July towards the end of the President's second term, he made a public broadcast from the Oval Office. Looking strangely reluctant yet sincere, he began by thanking the people for their support in making it this far. At first, it came across as what a politician was expected to talk about. But in a move that caught everyone by surprise, he asked for forgiveness in what he was about to say. He revealed that it wasn't fair that his fellow Americans would be kept in the dark on certain things regarding their own country's existence and those of others. That for as long as anyone could remember, an unspoken code had been upheld, keeping these beings hidden in plain sight. He said that it had meant to be for the safety of all. But now, they deserved more than a lie.

Thus with a soft, sincere smile on his face that seemed to belong to a much older person, President Jones admitted on air that he had been around to witness and know many of the proud men and women who built this country. That he became part of many events in its history. That he represented the faults and greatness of every American, for good and ill.

That he wasn't just America's leader. But America himself.

The Revelation was a bombshell, exposing a reality that at once seemed utterly unbelievable and yet strangely compelling. Whether they were politicians or philosophers, scientists or theologians, many scrambled to find some explanation for something that common sense seemed to have long since ignored. Especially as it became clear that there are others like him all over the world.

Although each one of "those people" were found to possess their own distinct personalities, interests and beliefs, none were found to be easily classified under any specific ideology. They resembled and acted as people yet their very essence was both artificial and natural. Their true origins even now remain a mystery even if they embody states, nations, provinces and to a degree even lands that have yet to have any official recognition. They had participated in some way or the other with both the Left and Right, yet belonged to neither. They had at different times either supported or disapproved, if not outright oppose their own governments even if they approved with some of their ideas. Simply put, they were the embodiments of peoples, cultures, realms and their ideals.  

And as news spread, similar instances were reported in London, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing and many other locations. Of course at the time, reactions were different, most people unsure what exactly was going on. All that was certain, however, was that a new unforeseen chapter in human history had begun.

The Nations had fully taken hold of their own destinies. Literally.
Here's something a tad different, inspired in part by the Nasuverse scenario dabble ([link]). While this is also inspired by :iconquantumbranching:'s "ASB Scenarios" ([link]), it's also an intro for an old Axis Powers Hetalia idea that's crossed my mind:

"What would happen if one day, the Nations decide to not only reveal themselves but also try to take charge?"

Also, I managed to slip in a reference (the "documentary's" title) to this game: [link]

In any case, please feel free to critique and/or comment on whether this is worth pursuing further!


Also, I don't own Hetalia. All rights belong to its respective owners.
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Fantastalia Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
I think it's easy getting elected as President if you're the nation itself.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
I guess that's one plus. :XD:
ROSEL-D Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012   General Artist
This is a new one =)

If I were at his revelation I don't know what my reaction will be...
Shocked? Doubtful? Suspension of disbelief..maybe (if that world had watched Hetalia, lol) ^^

Will make you one for each character? :?
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
That's one idea that I'm toying with. Thing is, I'm not sure on who to start yet and whose perspective. ^^;
AuFigirl Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
This is a pretty neat idea~ :D
I like it! :aww:
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
Thanks! :la:

It's one of those strange thoughts though. ^^;
AuFigirl Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
No worries~!! :iconlachoirplz:
Don't worry, we all have it once in a while~ ^^"
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
Though now America has some explaining to do. ;)
kyuzoaoi Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Artist
BTW, Tibet is an autonomous region of China, right? Albeit with fewer rights than HK and Macau had.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
That's right. Why do you ask?
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