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August 3, 2012
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Nordic Union Map-File by mdc01957 Nordic Union Map-File by mdc01957
Here's a bit of a surprise for the Doomsday-verse ([link]): a new map-profile for the Nordic Union c. 2011 from 1983: Doomsday ([link]). As with the other profiles, I took a few liberties and changes in this version of events. But what remains unchanged from the source material is the fact that they're one of the prominent powers in Europe, along with the Alpines, by this point.

As the map may suggest, the Nordics survive and (yes) so have Lithuania and Estonia along with Prussia. As for Latvia and Germany though...well as a warning to Hetalia fans, read on. :(

Anyway, feel free to critique to your heart's content!


Located in and around Scandinavia, the nations of the Nordic Union have stood together in solidarity as a beacon of hope and civilized order to a devastated continent. Through sheer perseverance, stable infrastructure and more than a fair share of good fortune, it has along with the Celtic Alliance and Alpine Confederation among others become one of the most prominent powers in what had been Central and Northern Europe. But while its members firmly remain sovereign and independent countries, each is nonetheless bound to one another by shared political, historical and cultural ties.

Although the region was not quite as heavily targeted as other parts of Europe during that fateful day in September 1983, it nonetheless suffered much from the ensuing conflict and nuclear chaos. Several places and cities (including Oslo, Copenhagen and the NATO/US bases in Iceland) were destroyed in Doomsday, while northern Norway and the Finnish border were invaded by the Soviets in a short but failed invasion. Despite it all, however, the Nordic states didn’t collapse in part due to organized emergency measures and the survival of their respective governments and monarchs. But until contact was made with the still nominally Danish territories of Greenland and the Faroe Islands in the late 1980s, they thought themselves to be the last surviving countries on Earth. The constant death and fallout only served to strengthen the belief that all they really had left was each other.

Thus with great public support, the Treaty of Trondheim was signed in 1990, officially bringing all of Scandinavia together as the Nordic Union. From that point on, much was done to not only rebuild but become stronger before an increasingly unrecognizable world. In due time, it rose to prominence as the North’s energy and economic powerhouse. Eventually the organization came to be both one of the major players in the restored League of Nations but also a key member of the Atlantic Defense Community, NATO’s successor in 2007.

But the NU’s reach has proven to be much more influential to the lands surrounding the founding (and dominant) “Nordic Center” states. As the initial upheavals of Doomsday died down, expeditions were sent into the Baltic, German and Russian wastelands. By the 2000s, contact had been made with various Survivor-Nations, such as Karelia, Novgorod (both in former Soviet Russia), Courland (forged from Latvia’s remains) and North Germany. In the process they had also rediscovered old-world countries that had also managed to endure, including among others Lithuania and a revitalized East Germany (that had renamed itself Prussia). The aid and support given to most of these peoples, as well as their shared histories and cultural ties, would result in them becoming observer states, sharing many of the benefits enjoyed by their Scandinavian benefactors.

More recently, however, the Nordics had begun offering full membership and integration to observers willing to join. This has already begun in the cases of Estonia and Karelia, who were finally brought into the NU in 2010. And if all goes well, the same would be offered to Novgorod and the indigenous Sapmi Republic later in 2011. But meanwhile, tensions remain heated with Prussia, especially since the “Polish Adventure” in 2006. Although its members (especially Denmark and Sweden) at first called for sanctions and went so far as to call the kingdom “warmongering neo-Nazis,” relations have improved considerably since, even if still rather suspiciously. Their intervention in helping broker peace with the Poles would also help solidify the NU’s status as a formidable power.


As a disclaimer, I don't own 1983: Doomsday, which belongs to its respective owners.


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Also, is that the Victoria II base map? It looks familiar at any rate. :)
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