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Monarchy Over the Danube: Or, an Alternate History Tale of Austria-Hungary through the Nations Themselves.

<<Chapter 2>>

Hofburg Palace, Vienna. 19 May 1936.

As Austria calmly sifted through the papers, he couldn't help but notice just how collected and seemingly soft-spoken the Kaiser was even as most of the ministers made their farewells, soon leaving only themselves and a select group of people answerable only to their liege.  If anything, it almost seemed like a nostalgic illusion, only to remind himself that it was neither Franz Josef nor Karl sitting in the middle of the conference room but Otto. If only they can see you now, the bespectacled aristocrat thought approvingly.

Glancing for a moment at his wife, the Nation allowed himself a very faint sigh of relief. You can feel it too, right Elizaveta? In only a handful of months, he knew, change had already begun spreading across the restored Empire. The documents on his hands spoke of the various reforms being implemented. Some were improved versions of old plans, others still more radical than anyone would expect and all done for the good of their peoples. But while much was for the better, he still couldn't ignore some of the shadier sides of that small success. Both the fascists and socialists had made attempts to stir up trouble. New weapons were being designed. All while the Nazis continued their pitiful Anschluss scheme.  He could sense everything stated and left unsaid in the fine print. And as much as he was once more becoming stronger, the anxiety remained.

"Roderich?" he heard Hungary ask, eyes raised in concern. "Is something wrong? You know you could tell me about it, dear."

"It's nothing to be concerned much about. I just…still find it strange being in this position again."

"Don't worry." She winked coyly in an attempt to shrug whatever worries aside as she held his hand. "We've all been here before. Maybe this time will be different!"

Austria smirked. "It has to be."

They chuckled silently before Otto cleared his throat. "My apologies," he respectfully began. "But it appears we find ourselves in an impasse on what course of action to take. Some among us, have suggested bringing Czechoslovakia back into the fold. While their factories are a indeed valuable asset to our cause, it is my sincerest hope that we can win back their hearts just as my ancestors had done long ago. However…Herr Schmidt?"

"Danke, Mein Kaiser," the Foreign Minister nodded. "It is true that our diplomats and agents are working to win their favor, we are in no position to reintegrate them right away. Their leaders in Prague along with the rest of the Little Entente will react to any moves towards them. Also, as far as the world is concerned, we pose no threat to anyone, not even our rivals. Aside from Bulgaria, almost no one recognizes us. The last thing we need is to attract their attention."

Austria cringed slightly. It still bothered both of them, knowing that their marriage, let alone the Empire weren't even being taken seriously. At least the Entente isn't breathing down our throats. But it wasn't long before his attention turned to Prime Minister Horthy.

"Let them complain," he scoffed in barely contained excitement. "But as others here have suggested, there is opportunity to be found in reclaiming Yugoslavia! I've been told that the Croatians and Slovenians are willing to aid us should the need arise. Think, gentlemen! We would have access to the sea again. The taint of Sarajevo would be undone, once and for all!" The former regent glanced at Elizaveta. "And we shall also reclaim your honor, Hölgy Héderváry."

The commotion that followed echoed throughout the room as Austria, and no doubt Hungary, tried to make sense of it all. From the news headlines, he knew that war was fast becoming something unavoidable. And deep down, he…no they all wanted revenge. Retribution for their downfall. But even then, the Nation had learned long ago to tread carefully in such matters.

Then, the noise died down as the monarch finally stood up. "Silence, please! It appears that our Chief of Staff is willing to offer a compromise to our predicament. Whenever you're ready, General."

"Thank you, sir. Now you may have all heard about the issue with South Tirol and Veneto recently…" With military precision, Gusztáv Hennyey turned towards the map strewn on the long table while he summed up the points brought up. But Roderich's attention was focused on the man's pointer as it glided down the borders of Europe and the Alps until finally landing in the one place he couldn't have expected.

"...and this," the officer finished. "Is our target. And I trust our brave soldiers will be able to see the Colosseum soon. If all goes according to plan, my liege."

Mein Gott…that's can't be… He knew it made strategic sense. Mussolini and the run-down country that fascist ruled over would stop at nothing to get on Germany's good graces and thus would pose a threat to the Empire's survival should they ever join forces. If the man were taken down, it would not only prevent all that from happening and depose a rotten ideology. But it would also catch their would-be-enemy by surprise, regaining all the lands lost there. Even if it means fighting Feli again.

"Be careful what you say next, Roderich. Or I swear…"

"I understand perfectly dear," he whispered. "But it seems we have little to work on in this one, sadly."

Austria could see the mix of horror, shock and anticipation in Hungary's face at that prospect. Even if their war was sincerely done for both Italy and their own sake, let alone as a means to exact revenge, there were few other choices. Whatever would happen here may mean a triumphant return to the world. Or the Great War all over again…

"So, Herr Edelstein?" He heard the Emperor ask at last. "What say you?"
Here's the second chapter for the alternate history Monarchy Over the Danube, which is based on both the map and the original source ([link] , original basis: [link]).

This part however, focuses on what happened over the first year of the restored Austro-Hungarian Empire Imperial Federation of the Danube and where Austria and Hungary is headed. Including a surprise that might alter the course of history.

As for pairings, this is very much AustriaxHungary/AusHun. Though it's not even 20 years since the Treaties of Versailles (which redrew the borders of Europe and defined the period leading up to World War II) and Trianon (which drastically reduced Hungary's size and left many of its people in neighboring countries) ended the Great War/World War I, they're starting to repair their relationship by this point.

That said, this is an alternate universe fic. This is NOT intended to be a political propaganda screed. In any case, feel free to critique and comment! They're all appreciated!

*UPDATE* Made some very last-minute typo fixes and edits. Hopefully the problems are solved! :)


For some historical info:

Otto von Habsburg ([link] ; 1912-2011), was heir to the Austrian throne following the abdication in 1918-19 and later on death of his father, Emperor Karl in 1922. In 1935, he was a student in Belgium.

Guido Schmidt ([link] ; 1901-1957) was the Austrian foreign minister in the 1930s, and belong to the same party as Schuschnigg. In this version of events, however, he turns against his friend in favor for the Crown Prince, which helps set the stage for Austria's restored Empire. By this point, he's the Foreign Minister of the Empire.

Miklos Horthy ([link] ; 1868-1957) was the Regent of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1935. In real life, he stayed there until deposed by the Nazis in 1944; despite right-wing and arguably fascist tendencies, he was disgusted with Hitler and ultimately tried to oppose the Holocaust. As another interesting note, he was also responsible for turning away Otto's father, Karl, from the Hungarian throne after the War. By this point, he's the Prime Minister of the Empire.

Gusztáv Hennyey ([link] ; 1888-1977) was in 1935 part of the Hungarian Ministry of Defense and was also a decorated military officer. In real life, he was one of the victims of the Nazi takeover of Hungary in 1944 and eventually escaped to West Germany, where he later died. By this point, however, he becomes the Empire's Chief of Staff.

The Little Entente ([link]) was an alliance between Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia in the 1920s and was designed to prevent Austria and Hungary from returning to their former glory at the end of World War I. By the time the story takes place, however, the alliance was already collapsing.

The references to Italy are a nod to both the wars between the Italian nationalists and Austria in 1866 (when Veneto/Venice was lost) and World War I (when South Tirol was lost. Around the 1930s,there were also uprisings reported among the Austrian Germans of South Tirol.

Hölgy is "Lady" in Hungarian.


I don't own Axis Powers Hetalia. All rights belong to its respective owners.


Prologue: [link]
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
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I'm thinking about that. Also, I'm planning on having the Entente/Allies trying to make sense of the fact that their victory in World War I is slowly being undone.
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Oh my word. This is... I love stories like this. I love them. I love historical stories... wow this is awesome. And it's about Austria and Hungary! My two favorites. :) A couple of gramatical errors but that's not a big deal. Very well written and I like the way you portray Austria's thoughts. :D
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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)

And you can expect more from these two.
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