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August 9, 2011
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A Primer on the Lost Nations, in Relation to the Collectivist Internationale as of January 2024.
Distributed by [REDACTED]

To understand the Lost Nations, one has to see its origin and the fate of those ascribed to it; to list all these countries would be but distraction to this purpose. First coined independently across the Free Nations in the early 1930s, this peculiar term refers to those countries that crumbled under the Collectivists from the Terror onwards, and in particular to their "destruction."

In general, part of Red dogma involves the complete transformation of all men to the Will of the Workers. Particular emphasis was made on the blatant destruction of existing political and socio-cultural orders to fulfill this destiny. Regardless of race, religion, nationality or even purpose, they were all seen as "heretical," if not outright "abominations;" this even included, as some speculate, the very [REDACTED] themselves. And the Terror, from its beginnings around 1922-23, marked the moment this was translated to reality, as the Reds emerged from the shadows.

And as shocking and unbelievable those events seemed at the time, it succeeded, with horrific results. The mass subversions and nigh orgiastic chaos soon morphed into a prime policy of the burgeoning Collectivist Internationale, as well as what soon came to be known as the Supreme Party Politburo. Its means were preserved along more systematic lines with which, along with the failed invasion of the United Kingdom in the early 1940s, can be discerned the general fate of those lands that were "replaced" by the Internationale's member states (ColMems in official ColStandard).

In order to hasten indoctrination to the Reds' ideals, it was deemed crucial to remove all those who represented the old world. It was primarily for this reason that public displays like purges were so diligently executed. Initially the Reds sought to dispose of the remaining scholars, religious leaders, government officials and military officers still left alive after the chaos. This turned towards anyone who dared question the Will of the Workers or the Party's supremacy, which would contribute in the periodic bouts of infighting among ColMems over time. By the time the dust settled, at least in theory, only the Party would remain.

Another means of demonstrating Red power was the deliberate destruction of the physical relics of those lands and all those who stood in the Party's way; purges, it was apparently found, had to be supplemented. Institutions including StateOrd (Police and Propaganda), StateChurch ("Sanctioned" centers of worship), StateWatch (Secret Police) and local branches of the Party were forcefully imposed. Priceless works of art, music and literature were either plundered or outright destroyed. Public displays of old patriotisms were brutally crushed. Vast majorities of places were either renamed or remodelled from scratch. At worst, entire cities which had existed for centuries were wiped off the map, only for some outpost or settlement to be built over them if they were fortunate, as in the case of Workers' Fort 03 (formerly Budapest); places like Vaduz, Warsaw and Vienna on the other hand never even had that dubious honor and now exist only in history books.

Society was reconstructed to the tenets of their Will, or at least as close to the ideal as they saw fit. At the pinnacle of ColMem society are the shadowy Party elite, who wield absolute power and represent their domains in the Internationale; they are considered the most "faithful" and devoted to the Will, though ruthlessness is also an unspoken attribute. Around this caste are the standard members of Party, whose actual privileges vary significantly; included among its ranks are officials, diplomats, commissars, military officers and their "StateDrone" hangers-on. Outside the Party are the "Workers," the umbrella term for the massed populace subject to their plans. At the very bottom of this system are the "Unpersons," an amorphous group censored by Red propaganda comprised of rebels, reformist Party officials and various other "dissenters."

It is this last part that offers a glimmer of hope to the rest of the world, Free Nation or Reactionary. But as the number of refugees, unpersons and intelligence sources dwindled over decades, it has become difficult to discern any reliable information from behind the "Red Curtain" to the point that whether unpersons still exist as potent resistance at all has gone into question.

In any case, the almost unanimous consensus is that the Lost Nations are long gone, "killed," as some might put it, by the Reds. And in the case of [REDACTED] and others, this remains strongly felt. But if the Revivalists, actions of the Free World and the possibility of the unpersons' defiance are any indication, it's also frantically held, at least by some that their story may be far from over. Indeed, when reports on [REDACTED] and other strange occurrences are added in, one could...

Here's a in-world primer on the Lost Nations (in relation to the Collectivists) and their fate in the RDNA-verse. Basically, this is on what happened (or happens) on the other side of the Red Curtain.

And it says a lot on who exactly's making these in-verse as much as on the Reds themselves...


Collectivist Primer: [link]
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GigoXXIII Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Is Prussia considered a lost nation or was he to tough to be... redacted :|
Sadly, he is a lost one...although his people survive as refugee-descendants in Gran Patagonia and New Austria
AmongTheSatanic Aug 9, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
I no like [REDACTED] D:
Though if you look closely at the context, there's an idea on who exactly's being censored.

Here's a hint: Nations. ;)
AmongTheSatanic Aug 10, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Indeed... but you should just put a random sentence at the bottom of the AN containing the answers :P
I'll think about it. :D
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