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August 3, 2011
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Definitive Map Profile: RDNA by mdc01957 Definitive Map Profile: RDNA by mdc01957
Here at last is the updated and improved version of the map profile of the RDNA/New Austria itself (here she is in personified form: [link]).

LATE NOTE: Maybe it's just me or the OC-part in me, but I felt compelled to tweak and make this profile as consistent with the others as much as possible. So as a result, here is the actual definitive (and hopefully final) version of the map.

Any critiques are very welcome.


RDNA: General Introduction

The Royal Dominion of New Austria, or simply New Austria, is a sovereign country located in North and Central America. It is a democratic, constitutional monarchy that takes pride in its social unity, culture, institutions and history. Currently, Archduke Franz Ferdinand II of the Habsburg Throne-in-Exile is head of state since 1991, with Josef Adanauer as Prime Minister. Since 1928, it is recognized as the successor to the Austro-Hungarian Crownlands. German (New Austrian Standard) and Hungarian are the lingua franca of the country.

While its origins could be traced to the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in 1519 and the establishment of Nueva España, many cite 1554 as New Austria’s real beginning, when the overstretched Spanish ceded rule of the young colony over to the Austrian Habsburgs. Others would place it at the subsequent influx of German and Magyar-speaking settlers and formal handover to Austria in 1615. In either case, the country was (and remains) heavily influenced by the lands and peoples of what was once known as the Austro-Hungarian Crownlands. Its much more recent history, however, was characterized by the Terror (1922/23-27), in the aftermath of which the present “1928 Constitution” came to being, and the Displacement of 2014.

The majority of the population, whether part-blood or full-blood, are of Central European descent with a large minority descended from Polish, Swiss and Austro-Hungarian refugees who arrived during the Terror. Many of the early Spanish colonists who opted to stay either assimilated or moved to what is now the Duchy of Kuba, whose descendants still bear a Hispanic-inspired culture. The indigenous Mesoamerikaners, meanwhile had long integrated into wider society, but remain concentrated primarily in the provinces of Größeres Mazatlan and Yukatan-Halbinsel as a continuing legacy of generations of dealings, appeasement and compromise.

At present it is one of the leading powers among the Free Nations and a founding member of the current Assembly of the Free World. It is also home to a number of Revivalist organizations, run primarily by descendants of the refugee groups. And while its inhabitants take pride in their nation’s achievements, it remains haunted by among other things a tainted past and peculiar secrets...”

- From The World Almanac of Nations. 2024 Edition.


Original version of the map (Version 1): [link]

RDNA Flag: [link]

Upheaval (post-Terror): [link]

Map Profile - Gran Patagonia: [link]

Map Profile - Portuguese Brazil: [link]
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DrCowAndrewBloodie Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Student Artist
2 would be New tyrol
Niederoesterreich Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
I really like your fictional history maps..

added to watchlist :D
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
Thanks! Glad you're liking them!
Austro-Hungarian Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Student Writer
I have a question. Why did you not include all of California and the other parts of New Spain?
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
Thing was that Spain retained the parts of New Spain that would later on become known as Panama and Central America (although a motley mix of German and other European colonists settled there). As for California, simply put the Spanish simply didn't reach too far into the territory by the time they game the colony to the Austrian Habsburgs. The Americans simply moved into the areas loosely controlled by New Austria, complete with a small war.
mandababe12 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
Wow! that would be interesting. It will have a beach lol What does my hetalia original characters think of it?

Anneliese/Salzburg: Look at number 6 my new house. Finally I can see the ocean

Maria Christina/Wien: Where's the country who used to be Mexico moved to?

Sophie/Burgenland: I guess my new place is nice facing the Pacific Ocean . Wait! we've got California? I wonder what Herr.America thinks of that?
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
Things went...differently in that AU. ;)
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Where did you get this map?
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012
It's from a site called :)
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For other details is a beautiful reality for Mexico
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