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Sieg Zeon - Chapter 11: The Dusk Wraiths
Sieg Zeon:
An Alternate Tale of the Universal Century
Chapter 11: The Dusk Wraiths
The raid on Sigonella, as far as the 12th MS Team was concerned, was all but complete. In fact, it hadn't taken long to move away from the docks as there simply weren’t enough defenders left to slow them down by any significant measure. But while it likely meant that the diversionary attacks were supremely effective, Valeria Caine quietly hoped that it's actually because the enemy had already fed most of those forces into the fighting still going on in the Italian Peninsula. And not in another ambush…

<"Alright. We'll advance down the runway and destroy any and all targets of opportunity,"> Duncan’s voice crackled through the comms, still sounding firm despite the damage on his MS. <”The Dopps and Dodais would have taken care of most them by now, but keep your eyes peeled.”>
“Copy that,
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The Years of Silence and Magic: SSSS Year 90 by mdc01957 The Years of Silence and Magic: SSSS Year 90 :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 48 19 The Last Day of Peace: Rise of the Reds 2045 (Alt) by mdc01957 The Last Day of Peace: Rise of the Reds 2045 (Alt) :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 48 16 The Last Day of Peace: Rise of the Reds 2045 by mdc01957 The Last Day of Peace: Rise of the Reds 2045 :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 30 4 America Reborn: A 1983 Doomsday Map-Profile by mdc01957 America Reborn: A 1983 Doomsday Map-Profile :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 74 25
Sieg Zeon - Chapter 10: Into the Fray
Sieg Zeon:
An Alternate Tale of the Universal Century
Chapter 10: Into the Fray
The back patting and other such congratulations had yet to stop even though it'd been a couple of days since Valeria Caine took down that Big Tray. Once more finding herself being dragged back to Krayniy Airbase’s main bar – now additionally adorned with Zeon flags and looted trophies for all to see – she still couldn’t see what the big deal was, given how it’d been three days since that event. After all, it’s not like she was the first person to ever bring down one of the Federation’s land battleships. Especially by taking down its bridge with a well-timed shot.
There must have been others who’d done the same, she mused, sighing a little as her thoughts went back to when she passed that downed Zaku-II and the smoldering remains of the Feddie landship that killed said MS not so long ago. Surely, what I
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Casablanca of the East: Free City of Hong Kong by mdc01957 Casablanca of the East: Free City of Hong Kong :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 87 26
Sieg Zeon - Chapter 9: Brush with Destiny
Sieg Zeon:
An Alternate Tale of the Universal Century
Chapter 9: Brush with Destiny
A few days had passed when the 12th MS Team received new orders from HQ. Using one of the newly fielded Gaw Assault Carriers and armed with refitted Ground Type Zaku-IIs, they’re to be dropped behind enemy lines in what had once been Eastern Iran. While the rest pushed the Federation to the Persian Gulf, their objective meanwhile was to interdict a column of Type 61s and support vehicles – according to intel, en route from the Afghan highlands – before it could reinforce the remaining EFGF positions. The only support she and her teammates could expect would come from the Gaw itself as well as its onboard complement of vehicles. Given how the operation seemed easy enough on paper, it seemed more than sufficient.
On paper. It’s never as easy it looks… 2nd Lt. Valeria Caine sighed inwardly as the recently promoted pilot mad
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Nagoya - Nagoya Castle by mdc01957 Nagoya - Nagoya Castle :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 12 4 Nagoya - Nagoya Castle/Hommaru Palace by mdc01957 Nagoya - Nagoya Castle/Hommaru Palace :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 8 12 Nagoya - Aichi Prefecture Outskirts/Nagashima by mdc01957 Nagoya - Aichi Prefecture Outskirts/Nagashima :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 7 5 Nagoya - Kanayama Station by mdc01957 Nagoya - Kanayama Station :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 5 4
Sieg Zeon - Chapter 8.5: Carrying the Weight
Sieg Zeon:
An Alternate Tale of the Universal Century
Chapter 8.5: Carrying the Weight
“How long before we’ve secured the city?” Earth Attack Force Commander Garma Zabi asked one of his many subordinates as he walked down the makeshift forward base on Ellis Island towards the communications tent. It was as close as he could get to the frontlines at the moment, which seemed to be advancing away with each passing minute.
“Our men are reporting minimal resistance from the various sectors, sir,” an officer replied in a chirpy yet smug tone that was barely tolerated even in academy. “At this rate, we’ll be done in two hours, tops. With those Feddie rejects, the entire Atlantic Seaboard will be ours in no time!”
“I hope so. Remember, we’re here to free the city, not destroy it. There’s no point winning the people’s hearts if there’s no one left to win over.” And I
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Sieg Zeon - Chapter 8: The Spoils of Victory
Sieg Zeon:
An Alternate Tale of the Universal Century
Chapter 8: The Spoils of Victory
After the conquest of Baikonur Spaceport and Krayniy Airbase, finding the bulk of the local Federation forces proved easy enough, as was the ensuing skirmish. Tracking down those same enemies however proved harder amidst the Central Asian steppes, even with the recovered intel. Still, it’s undeniable that as with all the other frontlines, the planned counterattack had not only been stopped in its tracks but had turned into a rout. It seemed that like their counterparts in space, the generals of the Earth Federation Ground Forces foolishly chalked up Zeon's successes as a result of surprise. Instead, the hunter had become the hunted.
It wasn’t until a few days later that a couple of Dopp squadrons finally tracked down the Feddies along the Caspian Sea to the northern fringes of old Iran; more specifically, towards the Elbruz Mountains and the enemy
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Sieg Zeon - Chapter 7: Earthfall
Sieg Zeon:
An Alternate Tale of the Universal Century
Chapter 7: Earthfall 

It was March 1, UC 0079. Or so read the displays onboard the HLV Valeria was in. After weeks of specialized training, the day had finally come: the Earth Drop Operations were given the go-ahead, with her and the 12th MS Team, as part of the Earth Attack Force’s 1st Terrestrial Mobile Division, being among the first to set foot on the planet for Zeon. And as the young woman awkwardly tried to adjust her uniform’s collar, she felt more nervous than she had been since the start of this war. That the large transport craft she was in, designed to enter and leave Earth’s atmosphere, had no exterior windows didn’t help matters.
But at least we’re not with the actual first wave, she thought, only to shake off the notion. Technically speaking, the invasion had already begun, the aforementioned first wave securing landing zones in the Ca
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Sieg Zeon - Chapter 6: The Calm Before the Storm
Sieg Zeon:
An Alternate Tale of the Universal Century
Chapter 6: The Calm Before the Storm 
Valeria sighed on her seat as the shuttle she was in prepared for its final approach to Solomon. Even from her window, she managed to catch the familiar glint of Zaku-IIs on patrol as well as myriad supply ships heading in the same direction. She recalled how the massive fortress, created out of a repurposed mining asteroid, was still technically under construction.
Especially with all those Jormungands being strapped on to it, she thought, more to keep herself calm and momentarily distracted as to why she was here. These days though, you can never be too sure. Not with those Feddie bastards.

With the announcement of the Earth Attack Force a few days earlier – led by none other than Garma Zabi, no less – Zeon’s military was being reshuffled to establish this new branch, and she was among those selected to be in it. B
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*WIPs in progress*

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The first thing that one notices is Belgie herself. In all honesty, she looks incredibly sexy and feminine, especially in that dress. A...

Admittedly, it's wonderful as always. But I'll try to make it more concrete. Vision: It's definitely fitting the fantasy image you're t...

While the work in question is good in my opinion, I'll try to explain why as briefly but concisely as possible. Vision: Technically, it...



Tired...but still, glad to be back!
Said flight home is still in a few hours, but here's a little teaser of where I've been: Does the scene below look familiar? ;)

Filename by mdc01957
UPDATE: Got home a few hours ago, despite head wind-induced delays!
Will be departing for home in a few hours with all the flight time and sleep-destroying jet lag for the next days that will entail.

Still, finally coming home!
Will be out of the country for the next three weeks. Still, I'll try to keep up to speed!

Sieg Zeon:
An Alternate Tale of the Universal Century

Chapter 11: The Dusk Wraiths

The raid on Sigonella, as far as the 12th MS Team was concerned, was all but complete. In fact, it hadn't taken long to move away from the docks as there simply weren’t enough defenders left to slow them down by any significant measure. But while it likely meant that the diversionary attacks were supremely effective, Valeria Caine quietly hoped that it's actually because the enemy had already fed most of those forces into the fighting still going on in the Italian Peninsula. And not in another ambush…

<"Alright. We'll advance down the runway and destroy any and all targets of opportunity,"> Duncan’s voice crackled through the comms, still sounding firm despite the damage on his MS. <”The Dopps and Dodais would have taken care of most them by now, but keep your eyes peeled.”>

“Copy that,” the female pilot replied crisply as she and her teammates marched their Zaku-IIs down towards the airfield. As they drew closer, she noticed that while a good portion of the runways and hangars were indeed smoldering husks, there were still more than a few Federation planes still in one piece, ranging from a couple of Saberfish and Fly Mantas to Medea transports and even repurposed civilian cargo aircraft not too different from the replica C-130s she’d seen in a museum display in another, more peaceful time. 

All the same, it was up to Kazuki to use his Machinegun to pulverize any light aircraft that were still on the tarmac. Meanwhile, Duncan used the remaining hand of his MS to lob cracker grenades into the intact hangars, the shrapnel and explosive power of the weapons making short work of planes and hangars alike; given the loss of one of his Zaku's arms, it was quietly decided that he would use the rest of the team’s grenades as well. Whatever Feddie personnel left within the complex were in all likelihood either dead or were long gone; the alternative wasn’t something worth delving into too deeply.

As for me? Everything else… Her attention was focused on the heavier targets in her sights. This mostly meant destroying Medeas, but also whatever Fly Manta or transport was left that still looked flyable. Even it if meant simply peppering the cockpit or engines of what amounted to glorified sitting ducks with multiple rounds, she wasn’t about to let any of those get a chance to cause havoc down the line. Time to finish this!

Still, as Valeria opened fire, each round hitting home at its targets, she couldn’t help but notice the Zeon aircraft circling above her and her comrades, almost like vultures. Or like those paparazzi in the papers. She smirked wearily at the sight, wondering whether those piloting those planes were in Col. M’Quve’s payroll. No matter, for as soon as the guns went silent and the last Feddie craft had blown up, the comms went active once more.

<”Heads up, people,”> Duncan chimed, though with mix of relief and bafflement as his MS gestured to follow him. <”Just got word our rendezvous point’s been moved a further north. The Dopps will provide cover while we get the hell out of here, but stay sharp. We aren’t out of the woods yet.”>

Almost like the Colonel still isn’t finished with us. “With respect. But do you think this still has something to do with the evaluation?”

<”With Vice Admiral Zabi’s people? Wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been watching us the whole time!”> Kazuki quipped as they made their way into the dim, yet deceptively quaint Sicilian countryside. <”Though I gotta admit, Duncan’s beat-up Zaku marching valiantly would make for some good PR.”>

<”Let’s save that for the ride back, shall we? I don’t want to stick around in the limelight for too long!”>

“Copy that,” Valeria sighed with a weak chuckle, only to notice the ever increasing number of flashes in the night sky. It seemed like every Feddie still left in the region was rushing back. Too little, too late. And we’d be out by the time they get here…hopefully. She was sure the other MS Teams were holding their own doing whatever they needed to do. 

I just hope we really did the right thing.


By all accounts the entire operation was a success. Within a few hours upon returning to 
Pleso Air Base, the Feddies across Italy were surrendering, especially when it became evident that their means to evacuate had literally been blown up. As it turned out however, the raid was one of two such missions, the other having taken place around the islands of Corsica and Sardinia by the 32nd MS Team at around the same time. Nonetheless, it didn’t distract from the fact that the scenes of Earthnoids raising white flags or laying down their arms en masse were only made possible thanks to that mission. 

All this, Valeria and the 12th MS Team saw unfold in the various displays in front of them, and right behind the man “evaluating” them. Him and every other high ranking officer here, she thought quietly even while standing in attention, though hiding her surprise proved, as with her teammates, much more difficult to conceal. Though they had been given more than enough time to sleep, recuperate and even get a freshly pressed set of uniforms before they were called in for debriefing – to say nothing of having seen some of the news since returning from Sigonella – it still stunned her, seeing just how efficient they were in the battlefield footage. To say nothing of the looks of approval on the other officials present which were clear as day. But we just did what was asked of us. Why would they be so interested? 

“I mean it when I say that this is most impressive,” Col. M’Quve mused aloud before turning back to the group, a satisfied smile on his face as he nonchalantly switched off the displays. “Thanks to your efforts, the pacification of Italy is far ahead of schedule. While casualties, however small, are to be expected, the Zeon lives saved here exceed my expectations. All while neutralizing what would otherwise have been a future Federation threat. But before anything else, though, let me more properly introduce the victors of Corsica and Sardinia. Please send them in.”

It was then, as if on cue that the three members of the 32nd MS Team walked in to take their places right in front of Valeria’s, however, she noticed how they seemed somehow familiar, only to remember that old ZeoNet news report back in Odessa. Their immigrant-born CO, introduced as Lt. Melliflua El Seelia, seemed to betray an aggressive temper despite her composed demeanor in that broadcast, let alone the dark-haired officer looking barely any older than Valeria herself. Next to her was 2nd Lt. Ram Behtalhi, an older, long haired man of Asian ancestry whose seemed more at home in engineering or a hobby store than a Mobile Suit. The last one though, 2nd Lt. Rikka Cassell, stood out the most as the pale, bespectacled blonde girl seemed almost lost if not for her team leader ever so gently nudging her to the right position.

“Now then, there’s a reason why I called all of you here, as this is more than just a commendation.” Col. M’Quve cleared his throat, giving a knowing glance to the other officers alongside him for a moment before continuing. “With the approval of High Command and by my authorization, the 12th and 32nd MS Teams are to be merged into a new unit, formally designated the 7th Tactical Unit. Lt. Emerson is thus to take command of this unit, effective immediately.” 

This stunned every single member of what had moments ago been two separate teams. While some, particularly Kazuki and Rikka seemed thrilled by the prospect, Melliflua looked aghast at the notion of losing command to Duncan. The latter, Valeria couldn’t help but notice, even as the young officer resisted the urge to grit her teeth as she feigned to speak.  

“Permission to speak freely, sir.”

“I’m afraid it will have to wait, Lt. El Seelia. But regarding your concerns, as second in command of your unit don’t fret too much about losing your power – if that’s your inclination.” The aristocratic Colonel then looked at each and every one of them with a knowing grin. “Back to the topic at hand, you must all be wondering why you specifically have been chosen when others could have done what you did. I won’t mince words: your valor in the field of battle is indeed commendable – and also makes for good PR, as salesmen would say. As such, you are to raise the morale of your fellow soldiers simply by participating in the same battles as them. To give them hope, and in doing so drive them to fight harder. At the same time, your presence on the battlefield is expected to fill the Federation's soldiers with despair. That is the unit purpose. Neither myself, Lady Kycilia nor anyone would choose some talentless amateurs for such a duty. Any questions?” 

Propaganda…so that’s it! To think we even did that well at all! Before Valeria or anyone else for that matter could even entertain the notion of voicing out her thoughts on the matter, Duncan cleared his throat. “Yes, Colonel. I suppose that this unit’s formation hasn’t been made public yet. But if we’re to do our duty, on behalf of my – our unit, is it possible to know in more specific detail what boosting morale will entail?”

“Quite perceptive, but of course. Rest assured that you and the rest of your comrades will be made privy to all the relevant details in due time. For now though, it should suffice to say that your public debut is set for March 30, with promotions and a parade in your honor forthcoming. Until then, in addition to training together as a cohesive whole and getting your uniforms pressed, you’re to find a new color scheme for your MS befitting your new status and come up with a similarly appropriate name. After all, the 7th Tactical Unit doesn’t exactly scream intimidating or awe-inspiring. So I’ll leave it to your discretion. Sieg Zeon.”

As the newly formed team saluted the departing officers, the Colonel paused at the door for a second to mumble something. It was audible enough for the female pilot to feel just a tad unnerved.

“Don’t disappoint me.”


“If this is your idea of team-bonding, you’re out of your mind!” Melliflua fumed from the other end of the common room they now shared as she tried in vain to open a clearly locked door. “Dammit, Duncan, open this door right this instant! What fucking Earthnoid though it’s a good idea to have people get locked from the inside?!”

“Relax, Ma’am,” Ram sighed. “I’m pretty sure our glorious leader has something in mind.”

From her end, Valeria took a moment to sigh at the sight. And to think we’re supposed to boost morale…not break it! Despite spending the better part of a week training together, the time those who once considered themselves to be a part of the 12th and 32nd MS Teams had actually spent socializing with one another has been abysmal. The heated arguments over what custom paint job to make their MS and what to call themselves were the most either trio had actually spent talking to the other. In hindsight, the color scheme proved the easier one to resolve, as most everyone liked dark-blue. And we haven’t even settled on a name yet. She wasn’t only one to have noticed this, either. At the very least Duncan had as well, seeing as he locked everyone here together. A bit…excessive though, don’t you think?

"Alright, all of you. You listen and you listen good,” the CO finally intoned as he stood up after spending a few minutes in silence. “We're a team now. That makes us comrades. Family. And you know damn well that family talks to one another. So we're going to sit down, talk to each other, become buddies, and we're going to like it. If you don't…”

As he trailed off, however, she noticed him pulling out something from his pocket, her eyes widening upon seeing what it was. Is that a taser?! You’re not seriously thinking of actually using it. For a few tense moments, he playfully waved the small device around like a toy. Until at last he tossed it to Melliflua, only for her to find that there were no batteries at all inside. As relieving as it was, knowing that the situation didn’t escalate further, it was nonetheless surreal. But still, that's kind of fucked up.

“Very funny, Emerson,” the female officer finally relented, deadpanning despite herself before turning to her teammates. “You heard the man. Let’s just get this over with.”

Thankfully though, it looked like the others were much more receptive to the idea. The rest slowly but surely were breaking the ice, with Kazuki in particular keenly talking about his love for old-timey knights and samurai. That explains his melee obsession more than his “Bushido” seduction techniques, anyway. Valeria, though quietly managed to approach Ram, who seemed remarkably jovial as though this were one of his old office get-togethers. To her surprise, he was the first one to speak.

“You’re probably wondering how we ever put up with Melliflua, Caine. She’s actually rather nice and driven – if you’re on her good side. Or on a good day.”

“Valeria’s fine, Ram,” she replied with an awkward smile, though with her curiosity peaking. “It’s a bit hard to reconcile that with her, um, attitude.”

“Well, that's what I thought too. Back before this mess, she used to be in the Zeonic National Ballet. Apparently she liked those tutus as much as she still loves the homeland. Though you didn't hear that from me,” he explained with a shrug. “Then some assholes played a prank on her. Whether it was because they're jealous of her looks and genes, it led to a bad leg. One thing led to another, add a dash of Officer Training, and voila. Though after what she had to endure, can’t say I blame her for becoming so – temperamental, especially out in the field. ”

“Then what about you? With all respect, you do look a bit-”

“Old for the draft?” he chuckled. “I get that a lot. Heck, becoming a MS pilot and blowing up Feddie shit are probably the last things you’d expect from a Colony Corporation contractor. But I don’t really mind. It’s not everyday you get to be inside those MS or savor all their beauty. The Zaku-II is a marvel of Zeonic’s excellent engineering, after all! And that’s not even getting to all the classified information we might see!” 

I can see why you’ve gone this far! It was then that Valeria remembered his other teammate, which proved a more awkward subject. From what she knew of that blond girl, her family lineage – apparently of Finnish origin or thereabouts – goes back to the early pioneers of Side 3. But even though she’d seen action in Odessa and the Mediterranean alongside her comrades in arms, it was still hard to believe that she’s lasted this long at all. Especially given how her peculiar habits made training alongside her, let alone interacting with her rather challenging. More often than not, she wasn’t following orders so much as stumbling on them. Then again, there are all those rumors of her having almost superhuman awareness…stay focused!

“As thrilling as that all is, I’ve always wondered about Rikka-” 

“Did someone call me?” As if out of the blue, the young woman managed to make her way close by. Despite her clumsiness, she still managed an almost apologetic smile even while fixing her glasses. “S-Sorry about that, Valeria! But where you calling me or something?”

Quickly overcoming her momentary surprise, she took a deep breath. Here goes… “Don’t take this the wrong way, Rikka, but I can’t help but wonder. How did you manage to make it through here? Why are you even a part of this unit?”

“Because I-I was part of the 32nd MS Team. And the higher ups created the unit by combining it with your 12th,” she replied with a confused look on her face, before suddenly turning into fear. “W-What are you saying?” 

Oh no…that wasn’t it at all! “No! Not at all! I didn’t mean to offend,” Valeria hurriedly tried assuring her, only to notice tears starting to fall onto her uniform. “It was just-“

“Am I getting kicked out?!” Rikka snapped, her voice increasingly panicked as she stepped back. “W-What have I done wrong? I’m doing the best I can! P-Please don’t do this!”

Before anything else could happen however, Melliflua stepped in between them, her attention wholly on the blonde girl. Straining to fight off the guilt surging through her body, Valeria watched as the mixed-race former ballerina calmed her fellow pilot down with a gentleness that’s so opposed to her aggressive nature. At least until the young officer’s gaze turned sharply at her. Oh…fuck…

“Look, I didn’t mean to!” she began pleading. Only to find, to her surprise that the sharp eyes staring into her soul weren’t filled with malice at all.

“I know. And I don’t blame you Caine, even if it’s something a bastard would otherwise do.” A somber grin began lining Melliflua’s otherwise stern face as she fixed the collar on her uniform. “Rikka may be a ditz, yes. Even with her skills, the higher ups don't think she's suited to the greater responsibilities that come from moving up the chain of command. But take it from me, she’s a good as it gets! If not for her, we might not even be breathing right now.”   

“I understand,” Valeria sighed, glancing briefly and apologetically at a much calmer Rikka who to her surprise nodded warmly back. “There goes breaking the ice.” 

“You’re not the only one,” the officer nodded. “I should also apologize for putting all this off for too long. Must be Emerson rubbing off on me – But he’s right. If we’re to make it through this war alive and help our comrades do the same, we really should be that one family everyone looks up to. Or try, anyway.” She then gave a firm pat on the shoulder. "Nice work back in Sigonella, by the way!"

All around them meanwhile, Valeria noticed how much livelier the rest of the unit had become to each other. And while she couldn't help but notice that no one else asked her anything, a dialogue was started. It really seemed like Duncan's plan seemed to be working as intended. Then he suddenly cut in with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Fuck this. As fun as this is, why don't we just hit a bar or something, Dusk Wraiths?"

Dusk Wraiths? “Um, Duncan, I thought you were still divided on that name?”

“I l-like it though!” Rikka grinned. “It sounds so cool and mysterious! We even do it a lot! And b-besides, t-the parade’s tomorrow!”

“Then that settles it!” Melliflua smirked briefly before sliding into a rougher voice. “Dusk Wraiths, you heard the CO, get your asses moving and goof off!”

As they finally made their way out, Valeria couldn’t help but chuckle. Sure, her “new” teammates may yet need some getting used to, and their newfound role as walking propaganda – thanks to Col. M’Quve no less – just upped the stakes, with potentially all of Zeon looking on. Still, she wasn’t too worried. There’s still time to enjoy the bar before the real tasks begin.  And a little camaraderie can go a long way. 

There’s no doubt about it: a new chapter in her life and that of the now-christened Dusk Wraiths had begun. Though at that point, neither them nor the people who saw their talents could have really anticipated the exploits to come.

Sieg Zeon - Chapter 11: The Dusk Wraiths
You thought it was over or abandoned? Well think again. For here's a new, very belated chapter for the fic adaptation of the SpaceBattles Forum RP Sieg Zeon, through the eyes of the RP's OC, Valeria Caine.

Although this one technically starts off where Chapter 10 ended, the main focus is on how the 12th MS Team that Valeria's a part of actually became the Dusk Wraiths that would feature prominently and decisively over the rest of the RP. As such, the main focus is more on character development than action, all while formally introducing the members of the 32nd MS Team, comprising the other half of the Dusk Wraiths, into the plot.

Compared to most the previous chapters, this one required much tweaking, revisions, writing wholly new material and general creative licence so as make things more fluid and natural. Thus while it does combine Turns 19-21 of the original RP, the course and flow of events have been streamlined and altered to be more consistent. For instance, the parade and public "reveal" of the Dusk Wraiths doesn't happen immediate, not to mention Valeria being the one who unwittingly asks the "bastard" question hinted in the original material and a sly hint of a potential Newtype in the unit. Still, as much as possible I tried to keep the overall spirit as faithful.

And that said, best to be safe than sorry. This is a work of fiction. Mobile Suit Gundam belongs to Sunrise, Namco-Bandai and other respective owners.

Hope you enjoy! 


While the RP intro does a good job setting up a general introduction into the UC timeline (and it's recommended that one checks the link as it's fairly substantial), for some further context:

The last major component of the Earth Drop Operations involved the invasions of both SE Asia (particularly around Indochina) and Oceania (with part of Australia overrun). It is mentioned however that while some resistance Down Under (as seen in works like Rise from the Ashes), others notably embraced Zeon as a chance to break away from the Federation, which in turn would before long both help fuel local support for Spacenoids and make Garma Zabi's more humanitarian rehabilitation efforts easier.

The EFGF is short for the Earth Federation Ground Forces. Originally referring only to the ground army, in practice the EFGF encompasses the Earth-side elements of Federation's military, including the Air Force and Navy as well as to a limited degree, space operations. Compared to the EFSF however, at least initially, they're also the most poorly-equipped, possessing outdated weaponry and personnel equipment. 

Both Pleso Air Base and Sigonella are based on actual military complexes in real life, the former being the HQ of Croatia's Air Force (and situated within Zagreb's international airport) and the latter being a joint NATO/US and Italian naval and air base.   

Colonel M'Quve is a rather major figure in Zeon's high command and an antagonist in the original Mobile Suit Gundam. A rather aristocratic figure, whose habits and eccentricities mask strong competence and piloting skills (in addition to a knack for fighting both nobly and dirty), not only is he in charge of the mining operations around Odessa (both for Zeon's war effort and its economy) but is Kycilia Zabi's closest and most loyal confidant and arguably the closest she has to a friend. And like in canon, he also has a thing for vases and antiques.

The general flow of events is based on Mark Simmons' compiled timeline, including the expansion further into Europe.

The ACA-01 Gaw atmospheric attack carrier is a massive aircraft that's an evolution of both World War II bombers and modern-day military transport planes like the C-130. With a crew of 34 and armed to the brim with machineguns and even double-barrelled Mega Particle Cannons for defense among others, it can carry eight Dopps, three Mobile Suit units and even a contingent of tanks.

The DFA-03 Dopp fighter jet is Zeon's answer to the atmospheric variant of the Earth Federation's Saberfish. While it excels in agility and in helping provide reconnaissance, it's found wanting in its aerodynamic design. Most notably, Garma Zabi is known to have piloted such fighters in canon.

The Dopp Kai is an original design for the RP. While the original Dopp had excellent agility, in nearly every other field it was a pretty terrible aircraft. With the UMP having improved Zeon's logistics as well as how they handle R&D, Zeon was able to scrounge together the resources required to correct the Dopps flaws. It's more fuel efficient, faster, and has an improved climb rate. As such, its performance is much closer to that of the Federation's Saberfish, while still retaining it's superior agility and superior weapons.

The Dodai YS/Dodai GA is a Zeon bomber designed to serve as a flying missile launcher. But even more crucially, it's designed to serve as a flying platform for MS, thus can carry a Zaku-II on top with magnetic locks.  

FF/B-2 Fly Manta is a Federation fighter-bomber used frequently to attack ground targets and in relatively large numbers. Which is further helped along by their ease of production.

The Medea Transport Plane is, as the name suggests, serves as the Federation's main supply aircraft. While its principal purpose is to carry vital cargo to and from the frontlines and is barely armed, it's capable of transporting as many as three Mobile Suits.




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