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Things have been a bit busy lately, prompting me to delay a planned Halloween-themed fic and a map. I'll still work on them, though odds are it'd be in November, after a short family trip out of the country.

In any case, I haven't left dA and have no plans of doing so just yet.

Have a good one! :)

Also, in the meantime, check this recent piece of work. Regardless of what your thoughts are on a certain issue that I won't bring up unless anyone want to hear it, it's a nice work.
Have a happy Halloween everyone! Might be delayed with stuff!
Still here and have a few ideas in the works.
An Agent's First Encounter: Or, a 1983 Doomsday Tale through a Visiting Person's Eyes

Linz, Austria, Alpine Confederation. 14 October 2009.

Jonatan Herz waited patiently, sitting outside a coffee house not far off from the Austrian capital’s Hauptplatz while wrapping his jacket close to himself. His eyes glanced casually about the various old buildings and stores around him, some of which he recognized if still patched with scaffolding. It was only in the last 15 years or so that any semblance of normalcy fully returned to this corner of the Alpine Confederation. In fact, the coffee house itself was part of some sort of attempt at reviving a Wiener custom. One that died with the city, he thought uncomfortably as he sipped his cup. Despite his training and distance from his lost home, the story behind it still seemed too familiar. As is this world. And yet…

“Ah, there you are!”

The young man watched as an Alpine Militia officer no older than his twenties approached him, flushed despite a feeble attempt to act formal. Yet despite that, there was an air of authority that could only have come from a nobleman’s upbringing.

“I guess you’re Leutnant Steiner, ja?” Jonatan asked in German as he stood up and offered his hand, pausing for a moment. “I’m Leutnant Herz, just arrived from Eisenstadt.  It is a pleasure to meet you in person.”

“T-The pleasure is mine,” the other man replied meekly, shaking his hand before clearing his throat. “As it is w-with the approval of your request. Forgive me. It’s been unusually cold lately, and I’ve had a small setback trying to find this place.”

“With respect, Mein Leutnant. But weren’t you the one who chose this venue?”

Bitte, C-Call me Franz. And true, I have.  Um, would you like to continue this inside?” The officer sighed as he adjusted his greatcoat. “Sorry again, I must be becoming more like Herr Edelstein. I have to say you even look a bit like him, but I digress.”

Jonatan fought back an urge to bite his lip upon hearing the name. For a very brief moment, images flashed of his childhood. It had been another time. Another world. His true employers, it seemed, forgot to mention a particular detail about his assignment. Even his foster father seemed to leave it out before sending him to this place. Scheiße, just stay focused, verje meg!

Leutnant Herz?”

With a soft nod however, he tried to smile.

Ja. It’s nothing. After you.”


He had to hand it to the Alpine aide. The fact that they were able to find a nice spot close to the windows and that there were fewer patrons than usual with none the wiser spoke more for the officer’s connections and acumen than what his relatively low rank suggested. Or his appearance. To his relief, the paperwork was surprisingly small for such a “vital duty,” as the aide-de-camp to Herr Roderich Edelstein described it. Even if that name still bothers me.

“You have to understand,” Franz explained. “All this, um, came on such short notice ever since we were able to identify her. A few weeks ago, actually.”

“As I understand it, her name’s Julia right?” Jonatan asked nonchalantly while glancing outside. Of course, he had read the short, hastily compiled dossier the Alpine officer provided: a young, female orphan barely past 10 years old in appearance from the Sopron Frontier Territory. Exact age classified, parents unknown. It sounds so familiar. He frowned. “I take there’s more to her than just that.”

The aide sighed knowingly as he leaned closer. “You’re perceptive, ja? Sehr gut. Makes my job easier. But, um, this - all of this isn’t exactly standard procedure as you might have guessed. More so than than the duty you’ve just been given. In fact, as far as the top brass here and in Vaduz are concerned, all of this is not, um, in the books. Officially, we are not here.

“And neither are they.”

As if on cue, Jonatan noticed a pair approaching the coffee house. As the two entered, he forced back an urge to cringe. One of them was a tall, bespectacled man in an old suit barely covered by a greatcoat, carrying himself with all the distinction and honor of someone far older than his age suggested. The other was a young, frail-looking girl in an old country dress and muffler, her green eyes wide and gleaming.

Nein…Nem. Not now! As he stood up along with the aide, he found it harder to keep up his façade; even after all these years and his training, he had to force himself to even look at them straight. The girl in many ways looked so much like his late mother, right down to the smile on her face. To say nothing of the man who was by any accounts her new caretaker, right down to the peculiar bit of hair protruding from his head. And father. He has to be.

Grüß Gott,” the aristocratic figure known among some as Austria greeted cordially before giving a crisp salute. “My apologies for missing this venue as well, Lt. Steiner." He then turned towards him. "My name is Roderich Edelstein. Bitte, pardon us for these less formal circumstances.”

“None taken – Mein Herr,” the new aide replied formally, though with a strained hint. “Leutnant Herz at your service. And it is an honor to be given this assignment.”

For a few moments, the figure’s purple eyes seemed to narrow, staring into his as if trying to sense something. Jonatan resisted the urge to look away as he saw glimpses of a realm that had endured for many centuries, even beyond the atomic flames known as Doomsday. An empire, a soldier, an officer, bureaucrat, artist, pianist, lover, husband and countless others all rolled in a single being that bore - and witnessed - the memories of an entire country. And a-a father. He’s dead…Nein, this isn’t him.  

It was then the young man realized. Nothing could replace his loss, his experience or true parents, let alone his true identity. His foster father had been right. The Nation before him looked and even acted the part but in the end wasn’t exactly him. It can't be him! Just another possibility. Ja...has to be! The notion still didn’t remove the pain, but it definitely made it more tolerable. But if Herr Edelstein noticed anything at all, it didn’t show in his face.

“I don’t recall seeing you before, Leutnant. Though it must be my memory playing tricks with me as is this attempt at reviving a Wiener tradition. But I digress.” The figure nodded ever so slightly before gently bringing the girl forward. “Now, allow me to introduce my d-I mean, my new ward, Sopron.”

The young lady grinned at him as she reached out to him. “Guten napot!” she greeted in an accent that sounded much like his own mixed with his mother’s. “It’s nice meeting you, Leutnant Herz!”

Jonatan managed a soft smile as he shook her hand. In another time, she would have been his sister.  Then again, in some other time, Wien would still have been the capital. The bombs here and back when many not have fallen. They might still be here alive. But perhaps for now, it wouldn’t hurt...

Bitte, Fraulein Julia. Call me Jonatan. I’m sure we’ll get along very well.”
An Agent's First Encounter: A Doomsday-verse Tale
Here's a story meant as a prequel of sorts to a request for :iconaufigirl:. Thus we're back to the 1983 Doomsday Stories AU after quite a while. This one's a day in the life of a character she and I made in an RP: Jonatan Herz, a dimensional-crossing agent with a much darker past involving two Nations along the Danube. More specifically, this one covers his first "assignment" in the Doomsday-verse, namely being Julia/Sopron's first "aide"...while meeting Austria as well, which makes for some very uncomfortable awkwardness.

In the AU, it's set shortly after A Wasteland Melody , aka the very first fic in the Doomsday-verse (A Wasteland Melody (Revised Edition) ), though I try to make this as stand-alone as possible. 

In any case, I hope you enjoy!


As for the translations and references:

The backstory behind the Alpine Confederation and Sopron can be found here: [… and […

The Hauptplatz (Market Square) is the heart of the Old Town of Linz (… ), one of the major cities of Austria; the square itself is the largest of its kind in the country. In the Doomsday-verse, Linz became the Austrian capital after the nuclear destruction of Vienna/Wien in 1983.

Coffee houses are a cultural custom that is famous in Vienna/Wien.

The city of Eisenstadt is the capital of the Austrian State of Burgenland, which until 1918/1921 was considered part of Hungary (with Sopron being the only area that didn't follow the rest of Burgenland); to this day, there still exists a Hungarian enclave.

As for Doomsday itself, it's another term for "World War 3," which in this AU happened in 1983 between America and the Soviet Union, killing billions and leaving much of the landscape in ashes. Austria survived, as did Switzerland and Liechtenstein, even Prussia. Hungary...didn't. :(

Leutnant - "Lieutenant" (German)
Herr - "Sir" (German)
Sehr gut - "Very good" (German)
Grüß Gott - "Good day" (Austrian German)
Nem - "No" (Hungarian)
Guten napot - "Good day" (Mixed German and Hungarian)

There are also a few German and Hungarian swears in there. 


I neither own Hetalia nor 1983: Doomsday. All rights belong to their respective owners.


You can find out more about Jonatan here:…

As well as the RP he came from:


A Day in the Life of an Agent: Request
A Day in the Life of an Agent: Or, a 1983 Doomsday Tale through a Visiting Person's Eyes

Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia. 29 September 2010.

“Have you ever been here before, Margert?” Jonatan Herz asked his junior partner as he looked over the restaurant’s menu. They managed to find a table close to the front windows. The clean if faded walls around them bore posters for the upcoming Europa Games and pictures of the ruling family of House Hohenzollern, all bearing the Black Eagle. To his relief though the few other people there were clustering more to the bar. Better for us, at least, he thought. Better for me.

“Hmm? Well, not like this,” Margareta Bethlen sighed sheepishly in a Magyar accent. “At least the food’s the same. I remember this place being more – modern, I guess?”

“In another time, maybe. You’d be surprised.” In more ways than one.

The brown-haired twenty-something smirked wryly as he set the menu aside to glance once more at their surroundings. Most everything, from what the other patrons wore to the font on a nearby copy of Die Welt and even the absurdly dated music coming from a bulky stereo looked like a strange blend of two Cold War decades slapped together. Beyond the windows meanwhile, Brandenburg Gate was visible beneath a passing zeppelin, the differences between what had been East and West Berlin still visible even with all the construction around it. The sight of a few posters warning of radiation along the coasts however was enough to remind his of the less pleasant aspects of this country.

Or rather, this whole world! To think that there was a wall here not too long ago.

As he took a sip from the rather bland cup of coffee in front of him, Jonatan noticed Margert taking quick glances at him, blushing slightly even as she tried looking out at the street below. He smiled, though he wasn’t quite sure what that meant. His father, he remembered, was better in these kinds of things only to push that thought out of his mind.

“Maybe you should order yourself something to eat. If you’re worried about the tab, I’ll be paying.”

Startled, she tried to force a grin. “N-Nem! It’s just that it’s my first time seeing this place. Well, not exactly the first time but you get what I mean! Everything look so-”

“Strange?” Despite himself, he laughed. “Familiar yet different, I bet. Don’t worry. It happens to everyone in the Agency.  In fact, it’s part of the job description, having to deal with it every time. Even for me, it’s a bit hard to take in that all this was spared because a bomb didn’t go off over 20 years ago.”

Just then, they heard a car coming to a screeching halt right in front of the restaurant. Turning to the windows, Jonatan saw that it was one of those infamous Trabants, a light-colored one that had clearly seen some jury-rigged additions from its old East German days. And with a tacked-on Black Eagle in front. Real subtle there. Stepping out from the vehicle was a young-looking albino in a somewhat dusty power suit, a rusted Iron Cross visible on his neck. The agent smirked.

“Looks like our guest is here, Margert,” he whispered. “Remember your cover.”

“U-Um, of course!”

As though on cue, the peculiar Prussian approached him from behind. There was a sly grin on the newcomer’s face, one more light-hearted than menacing despite his red eyes as the agent turned to greet him. Jonatan already knew all he needed from just looking at him: brash, arrogant and a tad irreverent yet with a firm sense of discipline and honor.

I’ve met you before, after all. Another you. “You’re early for a change, Gilbert.”

“Just excited for the games, Leutnant Herz. And the awesome me’s here to see it done right!” the albino quipped, smirking upon noticing Margert. “The name’s Gilbert Beilschmidt, by the way. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Fraulein~”

“Julia,” she replied smoothly with a German accent. “Julia Steiner. Recently up from Salzburg. And the pleasure’s all mine.”

The Prussian smirked as he turned his attention back to the older agent. “Didn’t know you were into people with the same name as the one you’re guarding. Actually, it isn’t my place to judge and all. But shouldn’t you be doing that?”

“She’s with her fa-I mean, with Herr Edelstein for the moment. I doubt they would be in harm’s way here.” Nice going, Jonatan!

He noticed Gilbert – or rather, the Kingdom of Prussia himself – shrug as he found himself a seat next to them. The agent though felt the urge to slam his head on the table for nearly breaking his cover, even if bringing his name up brought up painful memories. Of a childhood that still left scars on his skin. Of a world lost forever. Of a family taken away with it. Mine…

Leutnant?” he heard Margert whisper, her voice tinged with concern even as she tried to keep up her act. “Maybe I’ll be the one to pay for this one.”

That brought the agent back to reality long enough to notice her. “Guess so,” he sighed with a thankful smile before turning back to his guest. “There’s nothing to worry about. Just remembered an old face.”

Gilbert smirked, though his eyes seemed to linger on for a few more moments before blinking. “Admittedly, now that you mentioned Roddy, you actually look a bit like him and Liz. Though that might just be you being Alpine and all. It happens, ja?”

More than you’ll ever know. The agent took a deep breath before sipping his cup of coffee. Outside, the zeppelins and Trabants continued going on their merry way. If his parents were still alive, he mused, perhaps he wouldn’t be here. No point in that. Just do this job. Better for Margert to know now.

Ja. Can't say I've actually met him though. But now then, on to business.”

This was going to be a long day.
A Day in the Life of an Agent: Request
Here's a request made for :iconaufigirl: that's also a return to the 1983 Doomsday Stories AU of sorts. This one's more a slice of life and intro tale to two characters she and I made in an RP: Jonatan Herz, a dimensional-crossing agent with a much darker past involving two Nations along the Danube and his junior partner and friend Margert.

This also fits into the AU in that it's set shortly after A German Surprise (… ), though I try to make this as stand-alone as possible.

In any case, I hope you enjoy!


As for the translations and references:

Info on the Doomsday-verse Kingdom of Prussia can be found here: [link](1983:_Doomsday) . Also "King Christian" is the same one who formally restored Prussia's name in A New Meeting for Old Rivals, though had gone a tad crazy in the years after.

The New Zeppelin Company ([link]) is a Prussia-based corporation and manufacturing house spearheading the revival of airships as alternatives to increasingly valuable planes.

The Europa Games ([link]) are a kind of post-apocalyptic European Olympics that were first proposed in-verse in 2007, though it was only in December '09 that it's revealed that it would be a Prussian-led venture to be held around Berlin in 2010.

The Trabant is the quintessential car associated with East Germany during the Cold War, known in the Western world for how infamously bad it seemed. In the Doomsday-verse, it's still used by many Prussians though considerably improved upon.


I neither own Hetalia nor 1983: Doomsday. All rights belong to their respective owners.


You can find out more about Jonatan here:…

As well as the RP he came from:


An Agent's First Encounter: A Doomsday-verse Tale


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Things have been a bit busy lately, prompting me to delay a planned Halloween-themed fic and a map. I'll still work on them, though odds are it'd be in November, after a short family trip out of the country.

In any case, I haven't left dA and have no plans of doing so just yet.

Have a good one! :)

Also, in the meantime, check this recent piece of work. Regardless of what your thoughts are on a certain issue that I won't bring up unless anyone want to hear it, it's a nice work.

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