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Versailles - Rue de Satory by mdc01957
Versailles - Rue de Satory
This is one of the last photos taken during my family's recent Europe trip. More specifically, taken while on a day trip around Versailles. Not the Chateau de Versailles, however, but the town said palace was built around in the late 17th Century. The formal seat of the old monarchy from the palace's founding until the French Revolution in 1789, Versailles has long since been considered part of Paris' outlying areas. It also remains one of the richest suburban settlements in the Ile de France region. And it shows, given how well-kept the place and inhabitants are in general; one can easily tell who's a tourist/visitor and who's an actual local. :XD:

In addition to the palace itself, Versailles is home to a large open marketplace (complete with several cafes and creperies lining the outer rim), several antique workshops, plazas, historical institutions and high-end stores. It's also accessible from the very center of Paris via the RER train lines, approximately 45 minutes away. A nice, relatively safe and peaceful blend of Paris' urban life and rural rustic-ness.

In any case, we left Paris for home a few days after this picture was taken. The flight itself lasted in effect a full day, counting layovers in Hong Kong. But though I had quite a bad case of jet lag for a while, all in all that trip to Europe was worth it. If there are regrets, perhaps it would be not spending additional time in Germany, Denmark and outside Paris more. Still, it's memorable, to say the least.

And I hope this and others convey that as well! Enjoy! :)
Rouen - Rue Saint-Romain/Archbishop's Palace by mdc01957
Rouen - Rue Saint-Romain/Archbishop's Palace
This is another picture from the recent family trip to Europe, but with a peculiar story behind it. As I was able to take a train in the morning to the historic city of Rouen; as no one else wanted to go, I was the onlone who went for that daytrip. About 1 hour 19 minutes direct from Paris' Saint-Lazare station, it's the historic capital of Normandy as well as the present capital of the modern French region of Upper Normandy. Although much of the old town and surrounding countryside was bombed and damaged after the Allied landing in 1944, a large portion of Rouen's architecture, some going back to medieval times, managed to either survive intact or get restored over time. But there's even more than meets the eye: as Rouen was where St. Joan of Arc was imprisoned and executed under English orders in 1431.

Indeed, a short walk from the main train station is the Archbishop's Palace, itself attached to Rouen Cathedral. While formally returned to the local Catholic Archdiocese for services to the French Republic, it also doubles as a museum (a mix of holograms, artifacts and integrated architecture) dedicated to the "Maid of Orleans," her death, vindication and legacy in the centuries that followed; fitting enough, the grounds of the present Palace were where she was tried in the first place, although most of the original courtroom is lost to time. It even opened earlier this year in 2015:

And the picture above is from that same museum-palace, overlooking Rue Saint-Romain, a preserved medieval road that's still filled with workshops (ateliers)  and more or less resembling what Joan herself must have seen all those generations ago in her last moments of life before burning at the stake. As another bit of trivia, a second trial was convened some 25 years after her death at the insistence of King Charles VII and even the Pope at that time. It was in part out of further legitimizing the FrencKing's rule as England was defeated, but also out of sincere regret and remorse for not saving Joan, thus wanting to redeem her name; it wouldn't be until 1920 before the Catholic Church canonized her altogether.

Compared to Paris, Rouen is much smaller but also much safer, cleaner and more of an intimate affair. Much of the classic romanticism associated with France minus the large crowds of the capital. Definitely worth visiting again someday. Still, I hope it's conveyed well!

(UPDATE: Added some extra information.)

Paris - Boulevard Voltaire by mdc01957
Paris - Boulevard Voltaire
Here's a snapshot taken in the middle of my family's stay in France, the last leg of our trip in Europe. This particular photo was taken during a rest day, in which I was able to go do my own stuff for nearly the entire...well, day. 

More specifically, this is a picture of the section of Boulevard Voltaire between the Oberkampf Metropolitain station and the Place de la Republique. Situated in the 11th Arrondissement linking Republique to the Place de la Nation, this major road was originally designed as part of Haussmann's grand renovation of Paris in the late 19th Century, which would outlast his dismissal in 1870 with the project's final completion in 1927; in fact, Haussmann's designs are responsible for much of the city's appearance even now. 

In more contemporary times, this particular segment of Boulevard Voltaire is also known for its various if compressed series of video game, hobbyist, Japanese culture and DVD stores. Some of these stores also sell imported items (usually from the UK and Japan) and even go so far as to have small impromptu museums in their basements or upper floors full of retro games and consoles going back to the 1980s, much of which are for sale. It's no surprise then why a few Frenchmen at least tend to see the relatively small area as a French recreation of Akihabara in Tokyo. 

As another bit of trivia, the Place de la Republique has for generations been the focal point for protests and rallies, a tradition that carries on even now given how there's almost always one on any given day. The most recent renovations to the plaza, which were completed in 2014-15, are coincidentally designed to have the locals more actively keep tabs on said protesters  rather than relying on police presence.

In any case, my family would use Paris as a base from which we would visit other nearby towns and regions.

Still, hope you like this slice of French life!
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