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Apologies for the long delays again. :(

Through the Eyes of the Herz Family and Friends within the Agency

In a medical clinic within the Portal Terminal complex. Realm-00 [Main Realm]. Hub Sanctuary.

Five years had already passed since those events and already through those years, Jonatan had proven to be one of the best Agents that the human sector of the Agency had ever dished out. He'd already risen through the ranks among his peers in his performance and experience in field work. Creating a reputation around him to be a very successful and almost "invincible" operative, especially with his abilities that could be described as above-human standards. 

As Jonatan edged closer to his 19th birthday, more and more however he was going to the medical clinics. His checkups increasing in number and length.

"Hey Jona? Are you feeling alright?" Ben, one of Jonatan's closer friends and tag-team partner asked him with concern. Along with Hilda, he was one of the first people to befriend the usually quiet and socially awkward Jonatan in the Training Academy. It might have to do with him coming from a long line of diplomats, born in Jordan, moving to Qatar and Turkey before eventually settling down in his parents' home country of Austria.

"J-Ja!" he lied with a weak smile. "I guess it must be the weather. Ja. Gotta be that."

That however did not convince his friend who responded with a frown. "You've been visiting the clinic more than ever! Are you sure you'll be okay? Your um...Herr Herz I mean, will understand if you need to take a break!"

"Nein, I'll be fine so don't worry," Jonatan reassured him. "Guess it's puberty finally catching up to...wait..."

Suddenly, he found it difficult to talk, let alone stand.

Ben rushed over to help his friend to a nearby seat. "I think it'll be best if you take a break for now, Jona'. I'll hate to see you suddenly collapse right in a middle of a mission! So just take it easy. With the many assignments you and I had taken lately, we both need a breather from all that hardwork!"

"Ja," he cringed. "I suppose a break won't hurt..."

. . .

Meanwhile in the HQ Complex.

Sitting in front of her holograhic screen on her desk, the aging British woman's wrinkling face was full of concern as she examined the long line of medical reports on Jonatan's well-being. 

"Are you seeing this, Logan?" she asked her old friend via video call. 

"Forgive me, Catherine," he sighed. "But even in my age, reading medical data's like reading French!"

She simply rolled her eyes as she flipped through her holographic screen as she tried to explain. "You do know that Jonatan's been visiting the clinics more often than before, complaining about soreness and aches all over his muscles, yes?" 

"Tell me what I don't know," he frowned.

"Call this crazy. Or bloody impossible, but it seems like his muscle mass is growing. Exponentially!"

"How sure are you, Catherine? It might just be from stress and prolonged effects from doing so many assignments. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to let him out there."

She leaned closer to the screen. "I've checked these images and figures of the past several hours! So go on. Tell me I'm lying, Logan. Tell me!"

The old British woman showed the images and figures through Logan's end of the call as they popped up on his screen. The images showing sets of diagrams and photos of the muscle growth within Jonatan. Each successive shot growing more and more severe.

"I'm becoming very concerned for the young lad, Logan. And this could get worse if we don't figure out what's going on with him." 

There was a pause from the aging Austrian. He then checked the records on where Jonatan and his tag-team partner Ben had gone to on their latest field assignment. And other, more confidential data.

"I'll call you later, Catherine," he said before he hung up the video call.


As the feed was cut off, Logan sighed. His attention soon turned to the classified documents on his lap. Documents detailing a world now lost forever.

. . .

After finishing yet another successful mission, both Ben and Jonatan were sitting in a small clear amongst the rubble of a run down alien neighbourhood away from the small victory celebration they could hear in the distance.

"Alright, one alien relic retrieved and returned to their original owners. Done!" Ben exclaimed as he stretched out his back. "And I thought that those rebels wouldn't stop until you suddenly flipped a freaking truck at them, Jona!" 

The young man managed a smirk even as he wearily sat down on a makeshift bench. "I guess, Ben."

"I didn't know that you could even do that! Almost as if had you had, like a sudden surge of super strength or something. It was rather impressive! You really need to stop showing off," he joked. 

Jonatan laughed a bit before he bit back a wince on his shoulder. "S-Schisse, must be the exhaustion again..." 

He then felt another shot of pain which caused him to cringe with a more pained look in his face. No matter how much he tried to mask it

"Jona, are you feeling okay?" 

"Ja, I'm fine- AARGHH!" The young man suddenly jolted forward by another and more painful episode as he fell onto the ground. His full body curled onto itself, shaking in agony. "GOTT IT HURTS!"

"Jonatan!" Ben rushed over to his side, before he took out his communicator. "Operator, Medical emergency. Agent down! Get us out! Now!" 

Almost instantly after the call, both young men were taken away by a flash of light before turning up into the portal tranfer platforms. As soon as they appeared, a green glow flashed around Jonatan's agonising body and was immediately taken away into the emergency facility of the Medical Centre.

. . .

"[Mister Logan Herz.]" EVA, the security AI of the Agency's framework appeared in front of Logan's desk. "[Your presence is needed ASAP.]"

The old man shut the classified folder in his hands closed before he turned to the AI's presence.

"What now, you electric secretary? What happened this time?" 

"[Jonatan Herz is in serious condition.]"

Without another moment's hesitation, he leaped out from his chair. Grabbing his fedora before he rushed out of his office and made his way towards the teleport pads and to the Medical Centre.

There were loud mutters of groans and painful yelps inside of the emergency ward rooms as soon as Logan arrived, finding Catherine waiting for him. 

"There you are!" the British medical officer sighed in relief. She looked like a total mess with her messy hair and stressed wrinkling face.

"Where is he, Cath?!" he demanded. "WHERE?!"

She sighed and turned towards the medical room inside through the window. Inside the room, at the centre, Jonatan's wrecked body was bound onto a medical bed with straps restraining him in place so he would not hurt himself or the team of medical staff trying to aid him as he struggled against his binds. Moaning and twitching in agony from this mysterious but excruciating pain. 

"We're putting as many anaesthetics as we could think of, Logan. All for the operation."

The old man flared for a moment before realizing exactly what that meant. "Gott, you're pushing through with it?! We don't even know if those documents are accurate! Those sons of bitches never got THAT far!"

"We do not have much of a choice, do we now?! His condition is much worse than we first thought, Logan!" Catherine argued back to him. "But we can do one better than those buggers though! Trust us!"

Deep down however, Logan was conflicted. For as much as he hated seeing Jonatan in pain, he knew that the operation, codenamed "Twilight Soldier" in the documents, would complete the process those fiends in that God-forsaken world started. If their gambit failed, there would be either a dead kid on that table or a monster that would soon be made dead all the same.

"If we don't do this now, the lad will die a slow death."

"Or make us kill him."

"Logan, I know how you feel about this and Jonatan but we only have a very small window for this augmentation surgery to be successful. It's now or never!" She took a deep breath. "I have the Medical Centre's best doctors, surgeons and most advanced tech equipment ready for this! So please. Give us...give him this chance before it's too late!"

Logan bit his tongue back. The painful screams from Jonatan inside the room degraded down to soft groans of agony as a breathing mask covered his face along with needles of anaesthetic on his arms.


Jonatan's pained voice, barely making a whisper, called out to him as he tried to reach out for him with his twitching hand. 

Taking a deep breath, Logan clasped his hands onto them. "Don't worry, kid. Stay strong!"

"I-I don't wanna die!"

"Nein, you won't. I will make it!" 

Jonatan stared at his foster carer as he struggled to keep his eyes open any longer. Logan saw a tear forming before young man's eyes closed as the anaesthetics took effect.

Sighing, he turned to the surgeons. "I hope you folks know what the hell you're doing."

With a nod, Logan watched as the medical staff took Jonatan away to the operating room for the young man's augmentation surgery. All to spare him from a horrid and painful fate.

If it actually works.

. . .

In a briefing with the Medical Centre's A.I, MIA. Jonatan's condition was not because of a sudden mass muscle expansion. Rather, his entire body was undergoing a sudden spike of biological growth. Muscle, bones, vital organs, brain development, everything. However it was growing in a rate that Jonatan's physical body could no longer keep up with and risked breaking down, essentially shutting it down under such painful pressures. His thick scars that covered much of his skin-tight body meant that he was being suffocated as his inner growth were being pushed against his skin.

All this had to do with whatever the warlords did to Jonatan's genetics in their experiments. The young man had been a ticking genetic time bomb. 

"[There is a 11% of the augmentation procedures being successful without any serious and long-term effects on Jonatan Herz's physical well-being,]" MIA informed both Logan and Catherine as they waited in a private hall, overlooking the operating room. 

"11%," Logan repeated with growing concern before slamming his fists on the reinforced glass. "As if numbers will help matters!"

"Damaging property won't help either," Catherine sighed as she put a hand on his shoulder. "It is the best we could do. What happens afterward, well, who knows?"

MIA nodded. 

"[There will be eight different procedures that must take place during the augmentation surgery. The exact time for the surgery's completion is estimated to be between 16-19 hours. However, given that this is an experimental medical surgery, there are many possibilities of error and complications. The patient will be rendered unconscious to ensure that he will not be able to feel pain. However there are chances that he may experience psychological stress.]"

This only added to Logan's stress and worry. "Tell me some good news, damn you!"

There was only a pause from the AI's blank facade. "[If this augmentation does go as planned, it will elevate Jonatan Herz above what he was in all aspects of his abilities and physical capabilities. He will be beyond human, Mister Herz. But will theoretically remain the same person.]"

Logan sighed resignedly. "Theoretically. He wasn't human in the first place. But better he lives than die a monster."

Both he and Catherine turned to the window down to the operating table where the unconscious body of Jonatan was laid for the procedures. His body stripped bare with only his boxer shorts on, revealing the young man's well-built but scarred body. A blue breathing mask was over his face and sedative needles on his arms. They looked on as the augmentation surgery began. 

"I swear," he mumbled to himself. "There has to be some twisted comic book with this same premise."

"Or a bloody American propaganda rag," Catherine sighed before frowning. "Never liked comics anyway."

It was painful for Logan to watch the procedures being performed on his young watch. With each surgeon in their special medical gear, each sort of high tech equipment being used to augment the young man's body, each needle injected, he could see Jonatan's limb twitched and jolted. Still, he resisted the urge to look away.

A hour into the surgery, Jonatan suddenly jolted violently against the bindings of the table as the surgeons tried to steady his condition. Only for said bindings to come off, some of the straps causing a whiplash. Logan leaned forward to the reinforced glass and saw that Jonatan was suffering from a seizure, the surgeons in a frenzy to stabilise him. Only for the young man to suddenly stop, as did his heartbeat. 

"Nein, nein..." he gasped, his hand gripping tightly on the window railing bar. "DAMMIT, NEIN!"

For what felt like an eternity. A few seconds later, the heart monitor began to beat, much more faint but still beating. The unconscious face of Jonatan did not change as the surgery continued.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Catherine led a hand onto the wrecked Logan. "Perhaps we should go. It will be a while until the procedures are complete-"

"No," he hissed. "I'll stay here. Watch..."

Catherine paused for a moment but nodded silently to her friend before she turned away. "I'll come back to check on you. Just don't do anything bloody foolish," the British woman told him with a soft sigh as she exited the chamber. Leaving only Logan present, still fixated at the operation room beyond the window.

He was tired, weary and ever more frustrated. And yet he refused to allow himself a moment's respite. Not so long as his watch was suffering there.

"Gott. If anything happens to him..."

. . .

Logan lost track of time as the procedures dragged on. Save for coffee and the occasional beer, he took nothing. His attention focused on the operation. Still, he wasn't sure when one procedure stopped and next one started as surgeons and their machines continued to peck and poke needles onto Jonatan's skin. Looking at the monitors, monitoring his heartbeat, brain activity and even an image of the young man's internal skeleton and muscle structure for any changes or problems. Not once had Jonatan gone through an episode without the occasional twitch or jolt. The pained look on his face made it even worse.

Then at some point, he started noticing strange stirrings from his body. As if it was somehow beginning to mutate.

Even the surgeons took notice. The headtbeat monitor started to signal faster as the brain development chart suddenly went off the scale. They all stopped and stepped back from the operating table where, with reinforced bindings, Jonatan laid as his body twitched and thumped with heavy breathing.

With each passing minute, the surgeons and Logan could see change, a transformation, of Jonatan's physical self in real time.

Before his eyes, he saw his arms and legs extend inch by inch. His muscles and bones growing to the point of almost piercing his skin. Whatever was going on, it was as incredible as it was unnatural. It continued so until faint veins starting to appear on Jonatan's skin. The young man's pained face was replaced with one of sweat and exhaustion as his heart rate and brain activities steadily went back to normal. 

"Gott..." Logan gasped, as he stood in front of the reinforced window, looking down at the proceedings. Still in shock as his mind riled by what he saw. The documents...the details of what the warlords tried to render Jonatan into. All of it happened before him.

On that operation bed was a figure that just barely resembled the suffering child that was Jonatan. Instead, what they had on that table could only be described as the body of a "super soldier". They completed - and usurped what the cruel men of the young man's dead world started.

Still, he could not be considered a weapon. Not if Logan could help it.

He soon turned his heel from the wall window and rushed out of the audience chamber. He had to know. Would the man soon to awaken really still be Jonatan or the monster those long-dead warlords and their unknown masters sought to create?

As he entered inside the operating room, some of the surgeons and doctors present tried to push him back from the operating table. 

"Sir, it is not safe for unauthorised persons to be in this room!" 

"Let me through!" Logan snapped, already too tired and weary to care much other than his watch who laid on said table.

"We are still in a middle of a procedure! Its unsafe, for the patient's sake!" 

"What else IS there?!" he demanded. "That patient is MY boy!"

Just as the old agitated man pushed his way through towards Jonatan's bed in the middle of the surgery ward. He was still unconscious, his heart rate steady along with brain activity. But for Logan, it was still a struggle to convince himself that this muscular soldier-like figure was indeed the young frail-framed boy that he rescued and raise as his own. 

"W-What happens to him now? TELL ME, DAMMIT!"

"Sir, please calm down," The head surgeon sighed, "The patient will need time to recover. How long? We are not sure. But we've done what we could. All that remains now would to finalize the process. The last procedure."

Logan stayed silent, giving no response except a frown and looked back to Jonatan's unconscious, near-naked body. Old scars, signs of brutality and harsh punishment from his past, crossed with the fine newly scratched surgery line along the skin of his new body. His number tattoo, "005," now faint, though visible under his left arm.

"Then bitte...please, tell me. What is this finalizing process?"

The chief surgeon shook his head. "We will have to check the patient's current condition, given his new body. To make sure that it won't lead to any complications in the future, sir. After that he'll be bandaged up and be taken away to the recovery wards. It is all that we can do now, sir. So please. Wait outside."

Logan nodded silently before he was escorted away by the security staff. As he did, for a moment he though he heard voices as he passed through the doors.

Mein Gott ... unser Kind wird gerächt werden.

Kérjük fiunk ... erős marad.

Logan gasped at the wispy voices that soon vanished away. 

"Sir?" The security guard asked him.

"I'm just fine," he grunted before turning towards the waiting room. "Must be getting tired."

In his mind however, he couldn't shake off the feeling that he was being followed.

"Gott, I'm fucking losing it..."

. . .

Jonatan was wheeled away to a small recovery room after his augmentation surgery. During the final process in assessing the young man's transformed body, doctors made extraordinary findings. Not that Logan bothered caring at this point. He knew that Catherine would probably give him the final report file sooner or later. All he cared about was Jonatan and what had become of him after his super soldier transformation. 

Besides, he saw some of those "extraordinary findings" first hand. At the moment though, he forced himself to keep focused on a new batch of paperwork. Which made even focusing even more difficult given how half of them involved a certain Alexander attempting to con someone named "Revolver Ocelot" after some incident involving Miller. 

"Please, Logan. You need to get some rest," Catherine sighed as she entered his office. "I know its been a week. But don't push yourself!"

"I need to find something to keep occupied, Catherine," he sighed before tossing the papers. "I don't even know if that kid's even alive!"

"Logan, please. I know this entire ordeal is torturous but piling up your stress level with work won't do you any good either. And besides, you're not the only one whose worried about Jonatan. His friends, Ben and Hilda and even your own granddaughter Sophia as well as your family haven't received a single word about Jonatan all week."

"I know!" he snapped before forcing himself to calm down. "Bitte, understand. It's been hard on all of us."

Catherine nodded with sympathy. "If this helps ease your worries, I have been told by MIA that Jonatan should be waking up any time now. It'll still take the lad time to adjust to his body though. Still, at least it's a sign that the augmentation process was a success."

. . .

Jonatan couldn't quite figure out where he was. The last thing he remembered was this sharp agonising pain burning through his body. The next thing he knew, he was in medical scrubs inside what looks like a hospital room. His vision were blurry at first as he readjust his eyes to the light. The next thing he knew was this incredible feeling of stiffness and soreness throughout his aching body.

"Aww... Logan..?" He tried to rub his forehead only to feel that there were bandages wrapped around his forehead and half of his face, leaving his eyes and mouth bare. Then he looked at his arm. Both of his arms. One had bandages wrapped around his hand and wrist but it wasn't the bandage that caught his attention or even the radio playing some old British song about a man who sold the world. 

It was how different his arms looked. In fact, how his whole body looked.

He wanted to get a better look at himself. When he tried to get out of his bed however, only feel a shot of aching pain all over himself as he wincingly stood up and walked towards where the nearest mirror would be. What he saw made him throw the mirror at the radio.

"Mi...mi..." He gasped in shock. He turned to the reflection of himself on the wall window of his recovery ward. His face was still the same but his body.

" me..."

"Jonatan!" The young man turned to find Logan along with Catherine and even Sophia rushing into the room.

"Jona'...woah!" Sophia, the 15 year old teen and his adoptive sister paused for a moment with a mixture of shock and surprise and an odd blush when she saw Jonatan, "You've gotta...taller."

"Halihó- I-I mean, G-Guten tag!" he managed to gasp with a forced smile, noticing for a moment how strong he was becoming. Even when his body shook as he tried to hold back his own growing dread. 

There was a look of concern from Logan. "How are you feeling now, Jonatan?" He asked him as he tried to approach him. "Something wrong, kid?"

Only to Jonatan to step back before his foster carer could reach out to him. He kept a tight lip as he looked down with a shaking voice. "I-I'm...not sure. I wasn't feeling so good. But now..."

"Feeling stronger, I imagine," Logan mused. "Well, it's a long one, kid. But at least it's over. That you're alive at all is a darn miracle."

Catherine detected the young man's unease. "Sophia, why not you and I give them some privacy?" 

The girl nodded as she followed the British woman back towards the door.

Once the two women had left the room, Jonatan felt that he could finally let go of his controlled facade and let out his full shock to Logan. "W-What happened to me, Logan?!" The young man asked loudly. For a moment, he felt a surge of strength and power through his veins. It wrong to him.

The old man lowered his head.

Jonatan waited for his answer as his breath grew more heavy but shallow at the same time, "What did the people here do to me?!"

"Augmentation, my boy."


"Bitte beruhige dich kid. We had to complete the process found from your old world! While undoing the damage-"

"Wait...w-what-?!" Jonatan suddenly gasped before biting his tongue back from cursing as he felt a shot of pain through his body. He had to steady himself so he fell onto one knee onto the floor. "Nem... T-This can't be happening!"

Logan helped him up and onto the young man's hospital bed. He was able to get a feel of not only how firm his new muscular body was but also how heavy the young man had gotten suddenly. 

"Whatever those sons of bitches did is all in the past now," the aging man sighed as he made sure that Jonatan was feeling alright as he relaxed. "It's only been a week. But you're still recovering and need time to adjust to your new body. And whatever powers you may hold." 

"My powers?" Jonatan looked over to his foster carer.

He nodded. "The procedure's made all that's you stronger. More powerful than ever. It will take time. But you'll eventually learn how to live these new abilities."

Jonatan didn't respond, he didn't know what to say. He looked down at his arm, still so unfamiliar to him. His old faded number tattoo however was still there. 

"But you promised me!" he stammered. "YOU PROMISED! I wasn't supposed to be like this!"

"We- I...didn't have much choice, kid," Logan tried to explain in the most calming tone he could maintain. 

"You said that you won't let me to turned into a monster!" 

"BUT YOU'RE NOT!" he insisted before he cleared his voice to a levelled tone. "What those bastards saw as a weapon, we've turned into something to save your life. Your body, Jonatan, was beginning to break down. It was either we go with the procedure die a slow and agonising death."

Jonatan looked back at Logan before turning his head away. For a moment, the old man saw his face darken but it wasn't out of anger but of sadness and grief. 

"Can you give me a moment alone, Herr Herz...bitte?" 

For a moment, the old man wanted to refuse. Instead, he smiled sadly. "Of course, Jonatan. I know this new lease on life isn't ideal. But...we're glad you made it, kid. I'm sure somewhere, your parents are too."

Once his foster carer was gone, all that Jonatan wanted to do was curl up and buried his head in his knees. Even now, he wasn't sure if this was some blessing or curse. More so the latter in his mind.

He did not want this. He never wished for this to happen. Since the day he was rescued, he thought that the cruel men who tortured him and ended his world, could not physically harm him anymore. Even if his mind was still haunted by those terrible memories. But here he was, his own body at long last achieving what even those maniacs back there failed to achieve. He could feel these new powers and sense of strength coursing through his veins. 

It felt so strange. So...tempting. For a moment, it frightened him. 

"If only...if only I could...if I could stop others from suffering like I have!" he snapped loudly, though more to himself. There was no one else in the room. Perhaps in an effort to distract his mind from other thoughts. 

"Mama... Papa... I'm not a monster...ja...igen? I can't be...I can't..." 

He repeated over and over. His eyes became watery as he broke down in tears. 

"Just what am I?!

For a brief moment, there was a faint gust of wind.

. . .

A week later. In the Simulation Arena Centres.

"Have you heard anything about Jonatan?" Hilda asked Ben as they walked through the hallways of the simulator platform arenas. 

He shrugged. "Heard rumors that he had some big operation. Poor soul."

"That must have been something major though if it's being hushed up."

Ben sighed. It had been weeks since he last saw his friend and tag-team partner suddenly break down and be teleported away to the Medical Centre in pain before his eyes. Since then, he had not heard a single thing about Jonatan and how he was doing. 

"Whatever it is," Hilda assured him. "It's not your fault."

"I'm sure that he's doing fine hopefully," Ben nodded. But noticing someone as they turned a corner. "Hey, is that Jonatan's sister there?" 

He pointed down the hallway to a young teenager girl with long braided blonde hair who had the same facial appearance as her grandfather, looking out from one of the viewing platforms. She turned around to the pair as they approached her. "Oh hey! Ben and Hilda right? You're both Jonatan's friends, ja?" 

The two managed to grin despite their concern. "That's right! We're just...well, worried about him, Sophia."

Sophia returned the smile. "Well, its great to know that he has good friends!" However that was soon replaced by a more unreadable frown. "If you're looking for Jonatan, though there's something that you both need to see." She gestured them to follow her through the arena complex towards the more exclusive sectors of the simulation platforms. "They're running trial test with him right now."

"Trials? Isn't he in a hospital room?" 

There was a shifting uncomfortable look from the young Herz teenager as she tried to think of an answer before shaking her head. "It's best if you both see it yourselves."

The two followed her towards the glass. And what they saw stunned them both.

"But that's a SPARTAN!" Ben gasped out in shock at what he and Hilda were seeing.

Inside the simulation arena below, they saw Jonatan in his grey training gear engaged in what looked like a hand-to-hand combat duel with a simulated image of an armoured super soldier. What shocked them even more was how...large and different he seemed.

"That is Jonatan, right? He looks so much more...muscular than before!" Hilda gasped. 

"Jona's had a few...adjustments," Sophia explained. "But at least he's alive!"

"Alive?!" both Ben and Hilda said simultaneously at the young teen. 

In the simulation platform, armoured soldiers armed with an energy swords swung in for an attack towards Jonatan. With incredible speed, he managed to dodge them with little effort before Jonatan was able to disarm one of the armoured soldiers off his energy sword and with it, slashed all of simulated persons before they disintegrated into pixels. More simulated figures appeared around him as they began to attack him from all directions. 

"This is insane!" Ben gasped.

In a quick pace that was difficult for anyone of them to follow, Jonatan was able to flawlessly dodge, kick and destroy each simulated soldier. With a swing of his energy sword, he parried and counter-attacked each soldier's strike until one last stab through the remaining one from behind caused it to disappear in a flash of pixels around him. Jonatan was virtually unchallenged. Focused like any soldier would be. Which shocked the duo even more. This was so unlike him.

They along with Sophia rushed down towards the operator room once the simulation ended. 

On the floor, doctors as well as instructors spoke with Logan briefly about the results of the young man's trial run. There were comments of praise and amazement by how far Jonatan's augmented abilities can reach.

The Austrian man himself found it hard to believe.

"Well now," he smiled. "This is a record-breaker, kid! Reaction times at 0.6 milliseconds. Eye vision are the sharpest in the charts. Muscle reflexes, power strengths, agility, even memory and mental activities...all have greatly improved even beyond that of the standard human super soldiers we get here!" 

"Super soldier," Jonatan frowned. "That's great and all. But this is all for self-defence, remember?"

"Of course, kid," Logan sighed. "Perhaps the special training program the docs and instructors recommend, would be good for you to learn and train with your new body. It can be customised to suit your capabilities and potential so you should be fine. After all nothing helps like a good exercise."

"You call that exercise?!" Hilda gasped loudly down the hallway.

The Bavarian girl along with Ben and Sophia rushed over to the Herz pair. Both of Jonatan's friends panting before gasping when they saw his new physical appearance up close. Before Jonatan was just about the same height as Ben, Hilda being the tallest by one inch. But now the young Herz man was even taller than the Bavarian by a few centimetres, not to mention how large and wider he looked with his new muscular body. 

"Mein Gott! What happened to you?!"

Jonatan managed a weak chuckle. "Call it a very painful growth spurt."

There were looks of dumbstruck shock from both Ben and Sophia as they stared at their friend, looking down and then back up as they got a better look of him. 

"That incredibly...AWESOME!" Ben managed to smirk while Hilda was still trying to comprehend by Jonatan's new change, "That's one heck of a growth spurt." 

"Ja. Not to mention the way you moved at the platform when you took down all those armoured soldiers without breaking a sweat!" Ben continued on. 

"Oh...y-you both saw that?"

"He's had quite some time to get used to his new body," Logan explained approvingly.

Sophia nodded before she turned to her adopted brother. "And your new strength and urges. But I'm sure you will eventually pull through, Jona." 

Jonatan returned the gesture to her. But at the back of his mind, he was still unsure and uneasy with his new transformation even as he looked at his friends and adoptive family. ...I have to do this for them... They need me... I can't fail them... His conscience told him. 

"You can count on me!" he grinned to everyone. 

Logan was a little surprised by Jonatan's sudden change of mood. But nevertheless he smiled, "I'm glad to hear that, my boy. Now then. How about some strudel?"

Before anyone else could respond however, everyone heard a sudden loud thump rock through the walls of the complex as they saw a bunch of security Agents running towards one of the larger platforms within the Arena facility. 

"What the heck was that?!" Sophia gasped out. 

Jonatan sighed. "Another of those Space Marines off their meds. It happens every other week, apparently."

"You know about that?" Hilda raised an eyebrow to him. 

"Had to deal with one of 'em last week," he shrugged before stretching his arms. "And it looks like I have to do it again."


But before they could get an answer, Jonatan was already off. Running towards where the commotion was.

"Jona, wait for us!" 

Both he and Hilda tried to keep up after him. Sophia however sighed softly before looking over to her grandfather.

"Why not you go after them, my dear?" Logan told his grandfather after softly sighing and a frown. "I have to talk with the instructors and medical staff about Jonatan's new augmented powers. So please be careful." 

The girl nodded as she rushed away through the hallways.

. . .

In a large sector of the complex were some of its biggest simulation platforms. The smallest was about the size of a small football field and at the moment was occupied by a group from the Agency's Space Marines with one of its enormous two metre tall armoured men experiencing a psychological breakdown. 

"Please calm down. The Emperor is not dead!"

"LIAR!" the figure bellowed. "HEATHEN! HERETIC!"

"Brother-comrade! There are no Daemons here! You're safe in sanctuary away from-" One of the Legion men tried to calm him down before being smacked down.


Jonatan stormed his way in as the Space Marines tried to restrain their comrade. Security Agents and A.I tried to secure the area and keep the crowd of curious onlookers from getting too close to what was happening. He could see that the deranged man so happened to be the largest of the group managed to throw two of his comrades restraining him onto the walls before he set his crazed eyes onto the rest of his brothers. Jonatan wasted no time as he grab a couple of sedatives from a medical bag and barged his way towards the platform. 

Despite the tense atmosphere, he still managed to feign a smile. Better to get on their good side than pick fights with such warriors after all. Not to mention keep myself in check...

"What is it now, Space Marine?"


That immediately caused Jonatan to frown. "'Will' you say, ja?" With his hand gripping tightly on a sedative, he focused his mind until it almost snaps.


Then out of nowhere, the crazed Space Marine was suddenly pushed back, Jonatan jumping so high and kicking the Marine by his armour chest plate, causing him to be knocked back onto the hard floor. Using much raw strength, it was enough to leave a dent on the Space Marine's thick armour.

"I'd like you to keep quiet and take your medicine. Now, hold still!" Jonatan sneered at the Space Marine in a rather cold tone. If anyone else saw the young man then, his eyes had sharpened and darkened a bit as he stared down at the Marine. 

Even in his crazed state, the downed Space Marine was frozen in shock. "N-NO! T-THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!"

The Marine ceased his screams when Jonatan jabbed a sedative on his neck, and eventually falling unconscious.

"What did you do to our brother?" one of the other Marines bellowed.

"Gave him some rest. Best get your 'comrade-brother' to the Medical Centre for his sake," he replied to the bewilderment of the remaining Space Marines as he walked out of the platform arena.

Behind his grin however, he was relieved. The sooner he dealt with such problems, the sooner those dark urges would subside. Once he was out into a quiet hallway, Jonatan found a bench for him to sit on and let out a heavy sigh of relief. Just as his two friends and adoptive sister rushed over to him. 

"Jona', dude." Ben gasped with a gobsmacked tone, "W-What did you do back there? I mean...that was a TANK-SIZED GIANT that you managed to tackled down! And in one kick too!" 

"It's nothing, really," he smiled. "Just calming him down."

"That was some way to calm that things down," Hilda cracked a laugh.

Even Sophia was surprised when she saw the effortless act that Jonatan did back there. And she was in-the-know about Jonatan's new condition, which made her more concerned for him than pleased. 

"Jonatan, can I talk with you for a moment? Privately?"

"Of course!" he smiled before standing up.

Walking away from Ben and Hilda, around to a quiet corner by the windows, Sophia sighed softly as she turned toward her adopted brother.

"Are...are you sure that you'll be okay with your new...assets? I know how proudOpa may seem but he's worried. We're all worried for you. Ever since you came out of your surgery."

He frowned. "Honestly, it'll take some getting used to. But I'm not sure if I'll really be ok with all this."

Sophia nodded, "I can only imagine how conflicted you must be feeling right now. You told me yourself when we were kids about your memories and nightmares." 

"I know," he nodded. "They never go away. And sometimes, they seem to be getting even worse. It's something that after a while, I should be getting used to. Yet..."

"They're still painful to remember," Sophia finished his sentence. After a moment, she then brought her arms around him into a hug which Jonatan returned. "You'll be okay. And it's alright to talk with others about it, ja?" 

The young man smiled rather soberly. "I guess, Sophia..."

As they parted, they exchanged a smile before returning back to both of Jonatan's friends. 

"Opa is at the moment busy with a meeting somewhere else. Why not we go get something to eat?" The young teenage told them before glancing over to Jonatan. "You must be famished after all you've been through, hm?" 

"I guess," Hilda mused. "Besides, I think Jona' here deserves it!"

Jonatan let out a brief laugh, "Hmm...why not we go to that cafe around the corner instead?" 

"Still craving for strudels huh, Jona?"

"I never get tired of 'em!"

All four, Jonatan, Ben, Hilda and Sophia walked down the hallways as they shared a laugh. As they did, for a moment Sophia stopped when she felt a light gust of wind pass by her and thought she heard soft whispers.

"Hey Sophia, are you coming?" 

The girl nodded with a warm if knowing smile. "Ja! Wait for me!"

Unknown to the group and to anyone else in the building, two wispy ghosts watched as their son walked away with his friends and adoptive sister.

That's our son... Elizaveta whispered.

Her husband, Roderich nodded with a unreadable frown. I hope those people know what they have done...

The ghosts of Elizaveta Hedervary and Roderich Edelstein soon vanished away as they glanced one last time at their son who had grown to be a strong young man. How strong exactly was still the question.
Augmentation: A RDNA-verse Collaboration
To make up for my sadly long hiatus, here's another collaboration with :iconaufigirl: for a RP that's since grown into a continuing Hetalia RP combining my old but still ongoing RDNA-verse AU (… )and her multiverse Agency. 

This one though, while it could be a one-shot on its own, focuses on one particular OC from the RP with some rather peculiar origins, painful as they are. At the same time, there's a reason why it's mostly given that Austria and Hungary play an even larger role here. Not to mention that it' s something of a "sequel" to a "Sins of the Past," a previous fic set in the same RP ( ). Nonetheless, we made a point to make this as accessible as possible!

Still, I hope you enjoy this return to fanfic-writing and part-apology! ^^;


And just to be on the safe side, I don't own Hetalia. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Same goes for Warhammer 40000 and a certain comic involving one Steve Rogers, as you'll find out...


You can find out more about Jonatan here:…

As well as the RP he and Logan came from:
Apologies for being late with posts...again. :(

I seem to keep on slacking off on my own dA schedules...
"Sins of the Past."

Through the Eyes of two Directors and Trainee within the Agency. A Backstory of a Lost Child.

In the long wide hallways of the Office Area with the Headquarters Complex of the Agency. Realm-00 [Main Realm]. Hub Sanctuary.

"How was your training today, Jonatan?" the greying haired Logan asked as he along with his young watch donning a trainee uniform walked his office.

"Tiring," the child groaned. Though it was clear to the old Agent that he was lying.

It had been over two years since Logan rescued Jonatan from his home world, now long dead and under quarantine. The old man had since retired from fieldwork as an active Agent and retired to desk duty within the Board Administration, especially given his long record of experience and rank as a Veteran Agent. However his worries over Jonatan's new regimen continued to gnaw at him. Nonetheless, he tried to smile. As much as he disapproved, he didn't want to give the child even more reason to be bitter.

"Well, take a rest in my office for the time being, Jonatan. I've got some books for you to read as well if you like." 

Jonatan smiled slightly to his foster guardian. "Ja, I like that." 

That was something Logan's daughter, Dahila told him about. The child had taken a huge interest to literature after he learnt how to read and write in both of his mother languages. While Jonatan was illiterate before the aging man rescued him, since then, he was more likely to spend time reading books about literature, history and culture. It still astounded him just how much he had taken to education and literature like a fish onto water.

If just for that, he wondered as the two entered the office whether Jonatan's better off as a scholar than another weapon for his fellow Agents. 

The office itself was a modest sized one with a back room where his desk was so that he and more specifically his watch could have some privacy while staying nearby to him. The carpeting and general aesthetic indeed look more out of the 1950s than the rest of the place. Just as he liked it.

"Dahila also brought over your notebooks to study, kid. Along with that Harry Potter novel you asked," Logan told the young boy as he sat down on the long red couch that was just recently added to his office's back room.

Jonatan smiled before a yawn. "Do you think I should start learning English? Sophia's father told me that English is an language in Europe, I think and... and...everywhere else in that world!"

This surprised Logan. Especially by how fast Jonatan was catching up with this kind of knowledge.

"Perhaps another time," he smiled as he glanced. "For now, it's better to savor a good book."

Jonatan nodded, yawning again as he covered his mouth. 

"Can it to me, Logan?" he asked. Looking drowsier by the minute.

"Of course," the old man smiled as he grabbed the Harry Potter novel from the table. Jonatan laying down on the couch next to Logan before eventually drifting away asleep. With a quiet smile, he stood up and rested the young boy's head on a pillow before putting a blanket over him.

But as he quietly closed the door to the back room, leaving a small gap instead of fully closing it, Logan soon heard a knock on his office door. 

"Christ. Come in."

Entering inside his office was a man that Logan rather loathed to see. 

"I should have known."

"Hey hey, Log'! Its been a while since I've seen you," the tall man greeted the old Austrian man with a smirk. 

Alexander B. Quibble, the current Director for Operations Board. And an old rival of Logan in their younger years when he first started off in the Agency. A military man, Alexander came from a long line of distinguished officers back in the world where he was from. Though this current Quibble lacked the honor of his forefather.

"I'm not in the mood for small talk, Alex," he frowned in his accented English. "So out with it. What is it that you want now!"

Alexander simply smirked. "I simply want to say hi and hello to you, that's all. We haven't exactly seen each other a lot since you transferred to desk job work in the Administration wards, Loggy~"

"Don't call me that!" Logan glared at him. "And if this is about Jonatan's training, he's had enough for the week."

The visiting cocky Director grinned. "Oh right Jonatan! Yes, I'm here to say by - how impressed I was of Jonatan's progress. He's gone further than any kid I've ever seen before! Well, despite that awful incident when those two nasty boys poured cranberry sauce on top of him-"

"What do you want from Jonatan?"

"Potential!" he beamed. "That kid has spunk, pal. The potential in him is immense!"

"It is," Logan sneered. "For scholarship!"

Alexander snorted before laughing it off. "Oh, you're too funny, Log'! That kid's not gonna waste his life reading books! That kid is the full package! To be one of the best, if not THE best Agent this Agency may ever have! Well Logan, as one of the head instructors for new recruits to the Agency, I suggest that Jonatan advances up to the higher level of training. Self-defense, special combat missions-"

"I agreed only because it's for his well-being!" he snapped. "This kid isn't some damn weapon!"

Alexander simply shook his head, "Oh Logan, have you already forgotten how the Agency operates, especially with how it treats its staff?"

"Ja. But not from the likes of you!" Logan sneered. "I've already told you. Jonatan will not be part of any special training!"

"Oh come on! I know you're a softy when it comes with little kiddos but Jonatan's of fighter material. You're wasting his potential-"

"I know what the kid is capable of! But he will not be used as a weapon for you to fiddle around with." Logan snapped angrily at his former rival.

"Weapon? Who says that the kid's a weapon? All I'm saying is that you're denying the kid his true destiny! He could become one of the best, if not THE best of us all!" Alexander exclaimed with a smug smirk. "Unless of course, YOU'RE the one whose using the kid for whatever purpose you have in mind for him."

This caused a nerve within Logan and caused him to slam his fist on his desk. "GET OUT! GI CALL SECURITY!" He snapped loudly at Alexander.

Thee visitor stepped back a bit by the old Austrian's angry demands before eventually backing towards the door with his hand up to Logan. 

"Alright, old friend. But you're denying the kid's calling! Mark my words!"

Once the door closed, Logan slumped down on his seat behind his desk with a heavy sigh before grumbling under his breath. 

"Ungrateful, intrusive imbecile..."

Inside the back room through the small crack of the open book, Jonatan was still wide awake and heard all of the commotion between his foster carer and the Director. Sitting up slightly, he grabbed his bag that sat near the long red couch and took out one peculiar history book.

"The History of the Habsburg Empire."

It was a picture book that he saw inside a bookstore back in his adoptive world's Vienna. When Dahila first brought a copy of it home, Logan forbade him from reading it or any related books. But as much as he did not want to disobey his foster carer, curiosity took the better of him. 

He wondered how Logan would react if he find out. 


The next day, inside the classrooms of the Training Academy. It was end of the day for these young students. Within this class, most of the students and soon-to-be Agents were around 13 or 14 years old. Most had parents, relatives or family friends who were already working for the Agency. Many of young students would later go on to be field Agents or Operators in the Operation Board while others would go on to enter into Research, Technology or even the Medical Departments. 

Jonatan packed all of his school belongings into his backpack as his other classmates made their way out of the classroom. He was then stopped by the teacher before he could step out of the classroom. 

"Jonatan. Can you stay back after school for a while?" 

The young boy shimmered a bit, "D-Did I do something wrong?" 

"No, of course not." The teacher shook her head, "There is a special guest who would like to see you. Would you mind waiting here until our guest comes?" 

Jonatan hesitated for a moment before he quietly nodded. 

"Good. You may take a seat, Jonatan."

He nodded once more and took a seat at the front the teacher left the classroom, leaving Jonatan by himself. A few minutes soon passed and the "special guest" had not turned up yet. Jonatan then took his bag up onto the table and grabbed out that the Habsburg History bag. He began to read it, flipping through the pages of words and images of maps and people. He soon reached a certain chapter in the history book. 

"1867..." He muttered quietly to himself.

"Wat'cha reading there, sport?"

Jonatan almost jumped from his seat and quickly closed the history book in his hand before he looked up towards the classroom door. A tall man stood bu the door in a crisp military-like uniform with the inklings of the Agency. Combed greying hair and a cheeky grin, Alexander entered inside the room, grabbing a chair before sitting right across from Jonatan.

"You must be Jonatan, ah? I'm Alexander Quibble, how are you doing kiddo?" The Director put his hand out to the startled young boy.

At first, Jonatan was very hesitant. Looking down at Alexander's hand and back up to his face with a strange look but he returned the gesture. He recognised the man's voice though, from yesterday after he overheard the argument between him and his foster carer.

"N-Nice to meet you...Herr Quibble." 

Alexander grinned to the young boy, "Please call me, Alexander. I heard quite a lot about you, Jonatan. You have quite a talent!"


The Director chuckled before he leaned closer to the young boy. "Now, I bet you're wondering why I'm here, yes? Well kid, I have some great news for you! You see, few of my colleagues in the Board are quite impressive by your report card here in the Academy."

"T-They...were?" The young boy frowned slightly.

"Of course! Top in the class in the brains, technical knowledge...more so on the field too! Heck, you're faster, stronger and smarter than any other kids here that ever set foot here! You got the stuff kid to become one of the best, if not THE best in this Agency!" Alexander exclaimed excitingly, as he praised at Jonatan's incredible abilities.

For Jonatan however, deep down he felt unsettled by this. Even as he tried to ignore this feeling buried at the deepest part of his mind. 

The boastful Director was not done just yet, "Anyway, as the Director of Recruitment and Operations, I am about to offer you a special program we could say, that especially designed for kids and other people like you." 

Jonatan slowly nodded. 

Alexander simply gave him a wide grin as he stood up from his seat. "Well kiddo, follow me then." 

The young boy did so as he grabbed his bag and followed the tall man out of the classroom door as he slipped his history book back into the backpack. 


Back in the HQ Complex.

Logan was hosting his old friend and former field partner, Catherine Kimberly after she brought over a few report files for Logan to see. The two long-time friends were sitting around the old Austrian's desk over some coffee with Logan grumbling.

"Alexander just doesn't know where to put his limits! Even after that one serpent incident that almost got us killed back when we were still on the Field...didn't you remember that too, Catherine?!" The greying Austrian frowned as he pressed his fuming head.

The British woman quietly sighed with a frown as she placed his cup of coffee back on the saucepan in her hands, "I'm surprised that they didn't expel him after that..."

"I'm surprised that he was allowed into the Board Administration at all!" Logan fumed. "A Director to boot!" 

"Alex' has been part of the Administration much longer than you did. Not to mention that he has many connections across the Administration. Mainly through his family name." Catherine simply nodded.

Logan shook his head, "I swear Catherine. That man always find an easy way to get what he wants! One of these days, his ego and ambition is gonna land him into trouble!"

"Well, you have more 'honour' than he does, Logan." Catherine assured him. "More credibility as well, given your long record on Field." 

Logan let out a very strained sigh as he rubbed his face. He looked down at his wrist watch for a moment to check on the time. "I wonder what's taking Jonatan's so long. The kid should be back by now."

"Come to think of, I've heard Alexander took the afternoon off from work," she remarked with a frown. "I was supposed to be having a meeting with him in regards to the welfare of the new recruits but then I was told on the last minute that he cancelled it."

It was then that it hit Logan. He suddenly stood up from his desk with a fuming look and stormed out of his office. "That son of a bitch!" 

"Logan, where are you going?!" Catherine quickly followed her angry friend.


Jonatan felt intimidated when he and Alexander entered the gymnasium of the Academy. Already present were two instructors in strange attire and the floor was set up to look like some kind of crash course. 

"Well then," the older man grinned as he clasped his hands together. "Let's show the Agency what you're made of, sport! Now, I'll like to introduce you to Instructors Magnum and Omegon. They are instructors from the Primarch Program."


"The Primarch Program is the highest training programs here in the Agency for special-gifted trainees such as yourself, kiddo! Magnum and Omegon would just like to see if your reputation does in fact proceed you as they say. But I have all the confidence you'll blow those expectations sky high!"

The child nodded as one of the instructors came forward to the young boy. 

"Jonatan Herz, yes? How this course will work is that, you must finish this obstacles in the fastest time until you capture the red flag. Understood?"

Jonatan nodded. "Ja!"

"I must caution though. These are primed for candidates at their prime, and can do grievous harm if you're too careless. If what is claimed is true, I hope those fears aren't founded."

Jonatan tensed up a bit before shaking his head. He couldn't show weakness now. He settled his bag and book down on the side before he was led away towards the start of the crash course.

The instructor nodded. "When you are ready."

With a stopwatch ready, Jonatan readied himself on the starting position before the horn was blown. As he jumped through the first set of obstacles, the young boy's abilities and seemingly unnatural speed and quick reflexes were evident. With seemingly no effort, he manage to dodge every single barrier thrown at him. Even with the crash course becoming harder and more difficult as he went along, Jonatan's able to run, jump and slide through with ease. Even most trained Agents older than him could not do the same level of professional skills as he could. Not in the same amount of time.

All to Alexander's amazement and delight. "Yes!" he grinned. "Keep it up, sport!"

Jonatan climbed up to the highest platform, the most difficult part of the crash course yet. He could see the finish line. All he needed to do was just to catch the red flag at the end in which he would have to jump and swing above three meters from the gymnasium floor. There were safety nets and blocks below. The young boy dashed his way through, leaping off from the sudden falling floor blocks below his feet and hopping onto a set of bars before lunging onto a swing rope. But with each new challenge, it was becoming more and more straining even for him.

As he was about to reach the flag of the finish line, something suddenly snapped through Jonatan's mind. He lost his grip of the swing rope. Neither were his feet onto the next high platform and left him falling a good two metres onto the net below.

Much to Alexander's disappointment. 

Just as the doors burst open. "ALEXANDER!"

"Calm down Logan," a woman's voice pleaded.

The Director and the two Primarch instructors turned around to find a fuming red-faced Logan shooting a death glare at Alexander as he stomped his way inside, Catherine trying in vain to calm her long time friend down.

"You and I already discussed this! You cannot have Jonatan join into your little program, bastard!" the aging Austrian spat on him. "He's MY child. Not yours!"

"That child has potential!" he snapped, coming across more as a whine than anything. "And look what you did! The kid lost focus!"

Logan fumed as he resisted the urge to strangle the man before turning away to retrieve Jonatan from the safety net. 

Catherine stepped in, however after a heavy sigh. "Mister Quibble, do you have a very reasonable explanation for all this?! Especially after cancelling the meeting we're supposed to have!"

"Of course I do," he beamed. "It's to give kids like Jonatan a chance to prove themselves as valuable assets to our organization. This isn't a charity we're running here, after all!"

"We're not guns for hire either, Quibble!" Logan fumed as he helped Jonatan out of the safety help. "Are you alright, kiddo?"

The young boy nodded, only to wince with a headache. 

"My head hurts," he murmured. "I-I don't know what's happening..."

"Children are not conscripts. We're an intelligence agency. Not a military force!" Catherine reminded the Director. "And I doubt the higher ups want some wannabe wanker of a Director doing things behind their backs!"

"What? I'm doing no such thing, Mrs. Kimberly!" Alexander shrugged with his hands up. "I just like to see what the kid can do! So don't worry so much."

"As one of the senior heads of the Medical and Welfare Department, it's my job to do just that for all recruits' welfare," Catherine retorted before being cut off by Logan.

"Don't pull that damn routine on me, Alexander! This has always been about that damn promotion!"

"What? Who says anything about promotion? I'm just helping people find their true potential. Unlike you!"

Logan gritted his teeth, fuming before turning away from the cocky Director. He grabbed Jonatan's hand and his bag. "Come on kid. I think we have enough of this loon for today." 

The child was pulled away from the gymnasium by his fuming foster carer. "O-Okay." 

Walking through the campus courtyard towards the exit, Jonatan held onto his backpack and trailed behind his foster carer, who was still fuming about the what Alexander tried to do with him.

"Is it true?"

"Hmm?" Logan stopped suddenly before turning to the young boy. "About what, kiddo?"

"That...I'm being used as a weapon?"

The old man sighed. "Look, kid. So long as I'm around, no one's gonna make you into one. I promise."

It was then he noticed what was inside Jonatan's bag, particularly that peculiar history book. Jonatan froze when Logan reached in and took the History of the Habsburg Empire book out from his bag. 

"I figured you'd gain an interest in this one of these days. Just not so...soon." 

Jonatan paused for a moment, looking down. "'re not mad at me?"

"A bit, I admit," he shrugged. "It couldn't be helped. I can't stop the search for truth and all that. But I gotta warn you. This book marks just a small step down a difficult road."

Jonatan nodded before he was handed the history book back. 

"Now c'mon, kiddo. You must be tired." Logan held his hand out to the kid. The young boy reached out to him before the pair made their way back to the HQ Complex. 

"And don't worry," Logan added with a smile. "No one's leaving you behind. Not even on this, kid."


Back inside Logan's office, the old Austrian man made sure that Jonatan was comfortable in the backroom of his office. He made a few more refurbishments to make the room more cosy for the young boy. Blankets, pillows and even a nice mug of hot chocolate he could get in their adopted world's version of Austria.

"Feeling a bit better, Jonatan?" 

"A bit...but my head still hurts..." The young kid nodded after a sip of his hot chocolate mug. "Do you think I'll find answers in that book?"

Both the kid and the old man looked over to the history book of the Habsburgs on the table next to the kid's backpack. Logan sighed as he picked it up. "Like I said, it's a small step. But those steps are important to dig into the deeper things. I have to admit though, kid. The Danube is beautiful..."

Jonatan looked up to his foster carer. Before being ruffled by his hair. 

"I'll be at front for you ever need me, ja? I'll just be doing some paperwork." 

The child nodded as he took the book from the old man. Once Logan had left the room, Jonatan opened the book up once more to the last page he was reading. Ausgliech. 1867. The "Compromise," so it seemed between the two most powerful nations in the Danube.

The first part looked like the ruling Emperor of the time proclaiming the new union on the stairs of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Inside the old church however, it seemed like a wedding was taking place. Jonatan leaned his head closer as he examined the scene. Reading through, he turned the page to the coronation of Francis Joseph I and his wife, Elisabeth Amalie. The date printed above however, was his own birthday. At first, he thought it was simply a coincidence. But deep down, he felt something else. As if that date was much more important than he knew. 

In the background meanwhile, he noticed something very peculiar. Of the many guests featured in the royal garments and dresses of the period, there were two figures that caught his eye. As he looked closer, he almost dropped the book in shock. 

He knew them.

"Mama...Papa?" he whispered out to himself. Just as his head started to ache again, only this time it was much more painful. "Can't be!"

He dropped the book with a large groan. As his head pounded harder, Jonatan held a pillow over his head and buried himself under the rest of the cushions and blankets. 

"Bitte...stop..." His memories and emotions stirring and threatened to overwhelm his mind once more. "T-That couldn't be them! They..."

He suddenly gasped sharply when he felt his mind snap and suddenly his conscience takes him back to the days of his grim childhood.


Jonatan, in his old, worn uniform of his old prison, was back in that old grey wide cell of chains and red stains on the floor and walls. In front of him was a battered, thin woman, her hands chained up above her as she laid on the ground pathetically. Her hair covered her bruised face as she was coughing out blood.

"Nein...NEM, NEM!"

The woman cringed as she tried to raise her head. He immediately recognised her face. A woman who befriended him in this prisoner. Even in her broken state, he could still see a slight glimmer of that warmth and compassion she showed to him. Now she was being punished for showing humanity to him, and Jonatan was made to be her punishment.

Jonatan stepped back, only to have his back hit another stranger. Who in return grabbed him by his shoulder forcefully with a rusty taser close to his neck. 

"NEIN," he screamed, resisting the pain. "LET ME GO!"

"Go ahead, 005! Show what that abomination of a whore deserves!" The man threatened him. "You're a soldier, a machine! So kill her! She means nothing!" 

"NEIN! I WON'T DO IT!!" Jonatan screamed out. He was then suddenly shoved onto the ground hard before he felt a shock of electric pain on his back. 

"I'll say it one last time, 005. Destroy that abomination at once! Or are you as worthless as her?"

The boy winced as he tried to stand up. He looked up at the chained woman. 

"I-I'll understand," she whispered with a weak smile. "Do what has t-to be done."

There was a sudden urge going through Jonatan's mind and body. As much as he wanted to resist. With one tear shed in his eye.

"I'm sorry..." 

In unnatural speed, the young boy suddenly got up and his hand onto the woman's neck. In a snap of a second, she drew her last breath. Once he let go, Jonatan stood still. He felt suddenly very numb as that urge died down, along with the woman's life. The figure behind him held him by the shoulder.

"Excellent, 005. You'll make a fine weapon for our cause and salvation."

Only for that man to suddenly be grabbed by Jonatan before the young boy began to choke him to his death. 

"You will never use me...AGAIN!"

....onatan..... Jonatan..... JONATAN!!

[flashback ends]

The child got up, sweating in shock. "L-Logan," he stammered.

"Gott," he sighed in relief. "That scared me, kid!"

Jonatan stared at his foster father. Breathing heavily in shock as his eyes started to get teary. "I'm...I'm not a weapon, right?"

"Nein," he shook his head. "Never, Jonatan."

Logan came over to the boy's side and scooped him up into a comforting hug. Jonatan buried his face on his carer's suit jacket. 

"They still hurt," He muffled in tears. "I can still...hear...feel them..."

Logan cooed him down as he did his best to comfort him. Looking down at the history book on the floor, showing the page of the Coronation marking the beginnings of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. "It'll be alright, Jonatan. It'll be alright..." 


Sitting in his office, Director Alexander Q. Gribble looked through his holograhic screen projecting from his desk, searching through files from the Agency's official Archive. On one side of the screen were the profile reports and evaluation results from the Training Academy on a certain recruit: Jonatan Herz. The man was certain that there was more to that kid than it seemed. That somehow, Logan was keeping him from the truth.

"A boon for me if I could find out what that answer is," he mused with a grin.

Much of the young boy's official profile-file was trivia, most of the information he already know. So he decided to go into the Archive's more confidential sections in which they keep a much detailed information and intelligence. As a Director, Alexander has the privilege perks to bypass most of the Archive's security to access to these documents. But with each passing minute however, he grew more impatient.

"Whoever this kid is, he must be important! Security code U-0N1-spartan. Access to documents on "Jonatan Herz." He commanded to his holograhic screen.

The screen projected in front calculated through as it tried to access files, only for it to suddenly go red. "[Access denied]" The computer A.I. said.

"Repeat," he groaned. "Security code U-0N1-spartan! UN-0N1-spartan! Work, damn it!"

But again and again, "[Access denied.]"

Alexander groaned. "Fucking hell. Verify file's security status!"

"[Verifying information on file's security encryption.......Security Level S-05. Requires executive confidential permission from the Board Administration.]"

"Level S, huh?" Alexander remarked. That could only mean that the kid definitely was given special treatment of sorts to have that much high security level on his file. 

"I wonder if there's a way to get around it?" he grumbled. "Interrogation?" he thought to himself, but quickly dismissed it. That would require a more drastic situation for that option to be viable. He knew that Logan was out of the question, that man was far too protective of the kid. Hacking into the Archive system was simply impossible for most personnel. On the other hand, he did know a few associates who now work in the Medical Department's administration boards.

Alexander pressed on his desktop holographic screen to his contacts. He scrolled through the list, looking for someone. Pressing one contact name, Alexander waited until the call went through. 

"[Hello? Oh hey, Alex! It's been a while, unless its something important,]" a medical officer and one of Alexander's old associates answered.

"Hey bud. Say, can you do me a favor?" Alexander asked as he slouched on his seat. "I just need to learn more about this Jonatan kid. Seems like a promising sport."

"[Jonatan? You mean Herz's kid? Well, he's something, I'll tell you that. Caused a bit of a stir when he first appeared here.]"

"Do tell, bud."

The medical associate over at the video call raised an eyebrow to Alexander. "[You mean you don't know? That's a first!]"

"Know what, pal?!" he groaned. "Come on, out with it!"

"[That child is the last of his kind! Whatever happened to him made him into something more than human! And because of that, from what I heard, he's badly traumatised by the whole ordeal. Ever since Mister Logan rescued him 2 years ago.]"

Alexander's mind however burst with excitement. "More than human...Go on, pal. Tell me more!"

"[Well, all I know is that there's been some rumours saying that this Jonatan kid was used as a child solider for some kind of experiment in his home world. It's all lodged up in his file though. But if it's so important, perhaps I could pull a few strings. But it'll be tricky, with all those security locks regarding that one particular kid. Heck, I even heard that computers weren't able to identify what species the kid is! The best even Mrs. Kimberly could do is "human" with an asterisk. But you didn't hear all that from me!]"

Which made Alexander even more intrigued about Jonatan. "Of course. It's just between us. Just do what's to be done, and I promise, it'll be all worth it." The man grinned. "Trust me, pal. Soon, I'll be the one running this place!"


Two days later, in the Training Academy campus grounds.

One thing was clear and that Jonatan was not a very sociable type of person. He was awkward and very quiet at best when it came to socialising with his classmates and peers. Unlike the other kids, he preferred to be alone and with books. He found a quiet corner outside where he could read while eating his lunch under the shade of a tall tree, near the fountain at the center of the campus grounds. He could see in the distance other kids talking and playing amongst themselves. Deep down, Jonatan knew that he could never have that same experience as them.

"At least their lives are peaceful," he sighed.

Back in his home world, growing up he hardly met or seen another kid in the small community of survivors. When he was in the warlords' care, he was purposefully isolated from any human contact other than his minders and the people who experimented on him. To use him for-

"Nein! Stop thinking of that!" he snapped at himself internally. "That's all in the past! Ja. All in the past..."

Jonatan headed back to the classrooms alongside with his peers, until he was stopped by one of the teachers. "Jonatan," the adult whispered. "Looks like there's someone who likes to talk."

The child nodded as he turned towards the direction the teacher pointed to. He walked down the hall, only to frown upon seeing who it was.

"Great seeing you again, kid!" Alexander beamed.

"Oh. Hi, Herr Quibble..."

"Why the long face, pal?" 

Alexander smiled and let his hand out towards Jonatan. Only for him to step back before he could reach for his shoulder. 

"Logan told me that I shouldn't be seeing you anymore."

"Well, he's been keeping quite a few things away from you. And I can help in finding them out!"

This however only made Jonatan even more suspicious about this man. "I don't think I...want to know." He stepped back away from Alexander. "I-I...should be back in class. And I don't think you would want to find out too!"

"Kid, there's nothing to be worried about!" 

"That's because you don't know anything about me!" Jonatan suddenly snapped at him before he ran off.

"Wait, Jonatan!" he shouted before mumbling to himself. "Dammit. Better go to plan B then."

As he returned back to his class, Jonatan excused himself before taking his seat at the corner back of the room. One of his classmates, Hilda momentarily glanced over to him and noticed how upset Jonatan looked. 

"Hey, are you okay?" She whispered to him. 

"I-I'm fine," he lied with a forced grin. "I'm just fine!"

"That doesn't sound fine," she frowned and pointed out at his tears.

Jonatan quickly wiped them away once he did before turning back to the class taking place. Hilda softly sighed with a hint of concern before paying attention to the teacher.

"It's not bad to tell others, you know," she whispered.

There was no response from Jonatan as the class continued.


"Hey Jonatan, right?" Hilda once again approached the shy boy after class finished for the day.

It was the last day for the trainees before their mid-term break from studies over Christmas. Most kids returning back with their parents elsewhere in the Hub Sanctuary or to their home worlds.

Still, he managed to smile at the girl. "That's right...I think," he sighed.

The young girl, returned the gesture with a hint of amusement. "Are you doing anything over the winter break?"

"Me? Um, nothing much actually. Other than studying," Jonatan admittedly sighed. "W-What are you doing during your break, Hilda?" 

"Probably going skiing. It's almost Christmas anyway so I'll probably be visiting family here and there," Hilda shrugged. "You doing any family gatherings over the Christmas break?"

"Ja!" he nodded. "It's Logan's idea though. I'm still getting used to it."

"Getting used to it?" Hilda raised an eyebrow, rather confused.

"I'm...actually adopted," Jonatan admitted with a whisper. "I didn't even have Christmas breaks before."

Hilda looked very surprised before eventually putting out a smile. "Well, I suppose there's a first time in everything, ja?" She then heard someone calling out to her from the distance amongst the crowd of students and parents. "Oh that's my dad. I should get going now. Auf Wiedersehen!"

Jonatan waved goodbye to her with a slight smile as he watched her go off with who he figured was her father. Looking around at the other kids along with their mothers and fathers, he remembered a distant time when he too had parents. Real ones.

With a heavy heart and mind, Jonatan dragged his feet away and headed back towards the HQ on his own. The last thing he needed was to be reminded of a world that no longer existed.

As he walked towards the portal pads that would lead him to the HQ Complex, he asked the teleport A.I. to take him there. Only to suddenly sense that something was wrong when the green light he stood flickered and with a light glow, teleported him away elsewhere.


When he reappeared, Jonatan felt a shock before blacking out.


When Jonatan regained his conscience, he found himself in a very unfamiliar. His trainee uniform had changed to a set of black training clothes. "W-Where am I?! What's g-going on?!"

"Welcome Jonatan!" a familiar voice bellowed from an invisible loudspeaker. "I had to pull a few strings, but it's important that this be done!"

"Herr Quibble!" Jonatan gasped. "W-What do you want from me?! Just let me go back to-"

"Now now Jonatan," The voice of Alexander burst through the loud speakers. "This is for the good of all of us! Time to show us all that famed power. Seems like your name is quite a legend in those old battlefields. Now go! Let that soldier come back to life!"

Then out of nowhere, bright white lights lit up above Jonatan, blinding him for a moment. When his vision adjusted, Jonatan found himself standing in the middle of a very, very large white room. Almost like a stadium. A few meters above were a set of viewing windows along the tall high wall.

"I don't want to do this!" Jonatan shouted out. 

However that seemed to fall on deaf ears. The platform around him suddenly became active with a series of grindlines around the whole room shaping itself into what looked like an abandoned industrial complex. 

"It'll all be over soon, kid!" Alexander bellowed. "Promise! Just do this and we can all go home!"

"But do you want me to do?!" Jonatan cried.

"We're just running a few...trial runs that's all! To see what you're really capable of doing!"

Just as three figures in the shape of soldiers appeared from the simulated ground. 

"Let us begin, shall we kid?" 

Jonatan gasped. The three simulated soldiers, unarmed, instantly charged towards him from different directions. With little hesitation he grabbed the lead soldier and with no effort managed to throw him against the other two. Panting, he watched as the three defeated guards disappeared. Another one, this time armed with a baton grabbed him from behind only for Jonatan to thrash down onto the ground in an instant.

"Good! Good, kid!" the loudspeaker bleated.

More and more of these simulated soliders continued to appear from different spots of the rundown industrial complex. Jonatan was able to dodge and counter all of their attacks. Until one solider materialised with a long electriced taser in hand. Jonatan gasped with wide eyes as one terrible memory suddenly snapped in his mind...


"GET UP YOU ABOMINATION!" An angry taser-wielding minder shouted at the battered Jonatan. "I SAID GET UP!"

In the dusty and stained chamber where he was trained by the warlords, Jonatan struggled to stand up. Bruised and bloodied from the wounds and open cuts he received in another day of his brutal training, he managed to pull his head up to see three of the cruel trainers carrying electrified batons, towering over his battered body. Even here, he sensed that all wasn't well with the world, no matter how much his "masters" pretended otherwise.

"Not so powerful now, aren't you, Abomination?!"

Jonatan gritted his teeth with narrowed eyes at the three guard-trainers. "I'm...not...weak... I won't show...weakness!" 

"Prove it, Abomination!" one of them sneered as he readied his prod. "This time, I won't hold back!"

[flashback ends]

In a snap, Jonatan smashed his way through and shattered the holographic image of the solder in front with unprecedented speed and strength. With the same brutal force, he managed to punch one more simulated solider and slashed the next one with its own prod. 

All to the surprise of Alexander. He heard of the young boy's above human-like strength, even seen some of it himself. Nut this was nothing like he'd ever witnessed before. With each figure that the simulation projected out, the more brutal Jonatan's actions increasingly were. The young boy before long was able to smash each projected figure almost instantly. His attacks although sharp and swift, grew more and more feral.

"My god..." 

"Sir, the kid's charts are going insane!" The simulation operator told Alexander with a very concerned tone. "Should we stop the simulation, sir?"

"No, this is excellent! Try to push him further, we have to test his limits!"

There was a pause from the operator before he turned back to the panel screen. "As you wish, sir."


Inside the simulator platform, after Jonatan crushed the last projected soldiers, they suddenly changed to bigger, armoured men in body suits. Then in the corner of his eye, he managed to dodge their simulated gunfire with incredible speed, a wave of bullets from behind. Another armored soldier tried to attack him with its electric probs but the young boy was able to duck and then disarmed it. Using its own electric prob, he electrocuted it by climbing up and striking it by the neck. 

"Amazing! Such a lust for revenge! Show those idiots true power!" Alexander continued to watch, thinking about how he could put Jonatan to good use.

Once the armoured man disappeared, Jonatan used the two probs and threw one onto one soldier with a railgun on the head and the other to knock down an ambushing figure by the legs before he bashed him on the back, instantly destroying the simulated images. 

"NO MORE!" he screamed.

Then unexpectedly, he threw the last prob weapon in his hand towards the viewing windows. It however shattered in holographic pieces before suddenly, Jonatan threw himself towards the reinforced glass, throwing hard punches. Despite the window screen itself being bullet-proof thick, more and more cracks began appearing with each blow.

All of the operators became very worried and unnerved by the sheer monstrous strength of this young boy as the cracks grew larger and larger until the windows shattered and the young boy lunged in to attack them. This left Alexander absolutely stunned as he stepped back.

"T-That's enough, kid! Simulation's over!" 

Jonatan, in his full rage, simply threw all of the operators away as if they were useless toys before he turned his head towards Alexander. His sharp and dark pierced eyes sent shivers of dread down the Director's spine. 


Jonatan rushed towards the man in unnatural speed and tackled him down onto the ground with his hand on the man's neck. 

"Please... stop....I get it...kid..." Alexander began to choke as the kid's grip tightened with unprecedented strength that no child of his age should never have.

"JONATAN!" another voice bellowed as the door leading to the room burst open.

A squad of the Agency's best security Agents rushed into the room. With their plasma torches, the operatives created plasma light restrain binds onto Jonatan, pulling him away from Alexander. The young boy at first broke free and tried to attack the security Agents. Only to be binded again and once restrained, was injected with heavy doses of sedative. Causing the kid to be knocked out.

Which all the more infuriated the man leading the squad, loosening his necktie before grabbing the downed Alexander himself.

"Tell me dammit!" Logan sneered. "Why put him through that hell?!"

Alexander stuttered, still in shock by what just happened. "I.. I..." he tried to find the words, but he couldn't. "...I thought...I would..."

"Play him like a damn fiddle?!" Logan hissed.

"I...I didn't know, okay Logan?! almost killed me!"

"And you tried to turn him into a weapon!" Logan snapped back at him before throwing him back onto the ground. "We can talk about this in the next Administration Board meeting! I'm sure they'll love to hear about this, Alexander!!"

"But... I..."

"SAVE IT! I'm sure the senior Board Director will be glad to hear your reasoning!" The old Austrian man turned arlund to the security squad Agents who were attending to the injured simulation operators. 

"Signore? What shall we do with the young boy?" An Italian-speaking Agent asked him.

The aging man sighed. "Send him to the medics. NOW!"

The Agent nodded and turned to the rest of the squad before they along with Jonatan were teleported away in a green flash to the Medical Centre.

Fuming, Logan simply turned away toward the door. "Dammit, Alexander," he hissed to himself. "This is what you could never understand."

"Logan!" Alexander called out to him as he stood back up on his feet. "Just what exactly is that kid?! He's not even human!"

Without turning to see his face, the Austrian shrugged. "The last of the Danube. The last his kind. And that will be the end of it, pal."

"His kind!?"

Before Alexander could get an answer, the old Austrian man left the room with a loud slam of the door.


In the chaos and distorted thoughts in his mind, Jonatan found himself in this dark black realm with a sensation of falling through what felt like an endless void.




A Weapon to surpass all Weapons! 

You're nothing but a machine!

You don't deserve to live!

All these distorted voices echoed through this void and his mind. 

"You're not a monster, my dear! Never will be!" 

Jonatan snapped his eyes open when he heard that hauntingly familiar voice as his surroundings suddenly took shape.

"...You are not a tool, my sweet little Jonatan..." The voice of his mother cried out to him. 

"Mama..." he gasped. "I-I can't..."

"Do not fear," the voice whispered. "We're still here...."

When his vision cleared, Jonatan found himself laying down under the shade of the tree with the face of his mother looking down over him as she tried to soothe him. Next to him was his father, holding his forehead with a concernws look before comforting him by his hand. 

"You don't deserve this, mein Sohn. No one does." 

Jonatan stared back to both of his parents. Unable to open his tired eyes any longer, he slowly drifted away into his sleep to the comforting voices of his parents.


"We are right here. We'll always be here for you..."

Their voices slowly faded away. Before they were replaced with the sounds of medical equipment and staff.


Before he knew it, he began to open his eyes, noticing the blurred white surroundings. When Jonatan woke up, he was hit by the feeling of his head spinning and a sense of light-headedness. He saw that he was laying down on the long white beds of a hospital room. Logan seated right across from him. 

"Just relax kid," he smiled. "It's all been cleared up. Besides, we're all glad it's all over."

Jonatan tried to his head up to his carer, with a look of pain and confusion. "W-What me, Logan?" It was then that the young boy noticed that his hands were wrapped in bandages with a few bruises and blisters. 

"Something that will never happen again," he assured him. "I promise."

Jonatan looked up to his foster carer. He noted his uncomfortable look and strained posture. Then he remembered what happened before his mind became blurry. In that simulation platform with Mister Quibble.

"It happened again, didn't it?"

"Afraid it did. Alexander didn't listen, that stubborn son of a-" Logan stopped cut off completing his sentence when he saw Jonatan's face suddenly going pale. "It's alright now, Jonatan. That bastard finally got what he deserved." He sighed.

That didn't however reassure the young boy as he laid his head on the pillow and turned to his side away from the old man. "He thinks I'm a monster now, doesn't he?" 

"It's a lie. We both know it."

"It feels like the truth though, Logan... And you know it," Jonatan muttered back, clearly upset.

The old man shook his head, "What you have, heinous as it is, can also be a gift. Something that can be controlled so this can never happen again. And no one will ever use that against you." 

There was a brief pause from the young boy before he glanced back to Logan. "Even...if its a curse?" 

"Curse. Blessing. ...It's one of the same." The Austrian sighed as he reached his arm out to the young boy and soothed his back. "All that matters is how you will use these gifts." 

Jonatan nodded to his foster father. "Can you stay with me for a while, Logan..?" He muttered in a soft and tired whisper.

"Of course, kid," he smiled. "I'm not leaving you here alone." 

A brief smile appeared across the young boy's tired look before he let himself fall asleep again in a quiet but comforting slumber. Looking more peaceful than before in the safe company of Logan. A few faint voices however seemed to murmur in the background.

Perhaps this Logan is all he claims to be...

...He'll be in safe hands and care after all...

Logan turned around and tried to find the sources of the voices. "Who's there?!" 

But there was no one, except for him and Jonatan in the room.


Within 24 hours after the incident over at one of the simulation platform centres, Alexander along with Logan were called in to the office of the Agency's High Director, Madam Gverza. Usually, incidents this small did not bother the Agency's showrunner and overall "leader" in better words, and this would be addressed to the Board Administration's circle of Board Directors. However this was an exception.

Madame Gverza clasped her hands, or what passed for them in her kind as she glanced at the pitiful man before her. "As some of the humans might put it, we are not in the business of war, Alexander."

"I did what I thought was for our greater good, Madame!" he protested. "We've got enemies all over the damn multiverse. Even those newfangled laser popguns will mean nothing if we're not prepared!"

"Yes. I am aware of that, Mr. Quibble. But forcefully putting a young human child against his will into recruitment, let alone kidnapping one is not the way to do it." Gverza frowned. "And we have seen such situations in multiple worlds not to repeat them here! Indeed, we may be an influential and widespread entity in the multiverse, but the Agency is foremost an intelligence agency. Above anything else. Do I make myself clear, Mister Quibble?"

Alexander grumbled, mostly in annoyance as much as he tried to hide it. But it won't matter to a pan-dimensional being like Madam Gverza. "I do. But let me blunt, Madame. People here are missing great opportunities with this sort of power! Better in our hands than in some two-bit dictator or some world-conquering king!"

"Only IF they're willing to achieve those opportunities," Gverza cut him off abruptly, "I am very aware of your little research on Mister Logan Herz's foster child, Jonatan. As well as the kind of reputation that precedes you. Including your ambitions and interests within the Board Administration, Mister Quibble." 

"I was only trying to help Jonatan realise his true abilities and talents!" Alexander argued.

"You only pulled Jonatan into those so-called training program trials out of self-interest and a damn promotion!" The Austrian old sneered at him angrily. "I didn't rise up the ranks just to repeat the mistakes of so many!"

"Please, Mr. Herz," Gverza sighed. "Let us all be civil here. While I understand your intentions for the young boy, Mr. Quibble. Your actions however are outside what the Agency's policies and code of conduct permit. Normally, the Board Directors will decide of your penalty as breaking this code of conduct. This is however of..."special" circumstances, especially in regards to Jonatan."

"Is that why the kid's files are all locked under high security level in the Archives?" Alexander groaned. 

"I am not finish yet," Madam Gverza frowned. "Mr. Alexander Brudley Quibble, you will be demoted from your position as Director of Operations to Chief-Manager instead. You are still part of the Operation management but you will no longer be in Recruitment boards until further notice. For now, there are potential hotspots to oversee. And I know just the world to put you in."

This unnerved him somewhat, "Um, I guess some hellhole, Madame..."

"Not quite," she grinned. "I have a contact from a world in need of our attention. Just look for one Master Kazuhira Miller. You will also have to cover the damage bill of the simulation platform done during that incident before departure. I'm sure you've already got a first hand glimpse."


"Do not be afraid," the being assured him. "We saved Miller just before he was supposed to be murdered in Alaska. And he's trusting enough."

All the while, Logan was smirking smugly behind Alexander's back. Much to latter's annoyance.

"Also," the old Austrian man added with a smile. "Don't tell Mr. Miller about fiddles, ja..."

Alexander glared at the Austrian before he stomped his way out of Gverza's office while grumbling annoyingly under his breath. "Fiddles, my ass..."

"That wasn't necessary," Gverza chided once the man was out before chuckling. "But I doubt he would be much of a concern even there. How is the young boy doing?"

"The kid's hanging in there, Frau Gverza," he sighed. "Whatever those sons-of-bitches did to him must have scarred him even deeper than I thought. Pardon the language."

Madam Gverza nodded with closed eyes in concern. There was a pause before a soft sigh, "Do what you must with the young child to help him, my friend. Jonatan will need you more than ever as he grows up. His strength will grow and it will become ever harder for him to control without guidance."

Logan however smiled. "I made a promise to the kid that it'll be alright. And I don't intend to break it. For his sake, and...well..."

"I know."


Outside the office, through the high ceiling hallways, Alexander grumbled his way out and when he turned a corner, he stopped frozen when he spotted Jonatan waiting patiently on a lounge seat on the wall while waiting for Logan.

"Oh! um...Guten Tag Herr Quibble," Jonatan quietly greeted the man when he noticed Alexander's presence. 

Alexander on the other hand, had mixed feelings on what to do or say to the young boy. This was after all the same kid that went berserk and almost tried to kill him. It still stunned him on how such a quiet kid like Jonatan could become so...monstrous.

Still, he managed to feign a smile. "Can't stick around kid. Got a new position now."

Jonatan nodded. "I'm sorry for...w-what happened. I-I didn't mean for it- me I mean, to go...well..."

The man however just nodded before turning his back on the child.

Much to Jonatan's disappiontment and sadness. Even as he tried out to him but realised that it was no use. The young boy sighed sadly. Just as he saw Logan come back around the corner. Despite his gloominess, he managed a smile.

"H-Hi, Herr Herz! Was everything alright with M-Madam Gverza about...what happened..?"

Logan returned the gesture as he approached the young boy. "Come now, have you forgotten already?" he grinned. "It's all been taken care of. And don't worry, I'll always be here to take care of you, Jonatan." Logan reassured in a fatherly like manner as he put his hand out to Jonatan.

The boy nodded as he reached out and took Logan's hand. The pair eventually making their way through the hallways. 

"S-So what happens now?"

The old man smiled. "How about some dessert, kid? Apple strudels perhaps?"

Jonatan smiled brightly, "Yes please!"

Inside her office, Madam Gverza could not help but smile at this small moment of family bonding between Jonatan and his foster father as the two walked through the hallways of her home. However she still held concerns for the young boy and his future. She could sense that this particular person will have a very rocky road ahead of his lifetime. 

"You'll need it. More than ever."
Sins of the Past: A RDNA-verse Collaboration
To get myself back into gear, here's a collaboration with :iconaufigirl: for a RP that's over time grown into a continuing Hetalia RP combining my old but still ongoing RDNA-verse AU (… )and her multiverse Agency. 

This one though, while it could be a one-shot on its own, focuses on one particular OC from the RP with some rather peculiar origins, painful as they are. At the same time, there's a reason why it's mostly given that Austria and Hungary play an even larger role here...with tragic and bittersweet consequences. Along the way, there are more than a few nods to other works of fiction due to the whole multiverse angle, which may or may not involve Metal Gears...

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the ride in this rather different take on fic-writing!


And just to be on the safe side, I don't own Hetalia. All rights belong to their respective owners.


You can find out more about Jonatan here:…

As well as the RP he and Logan came from:

After a belated absence...I'm sorry for not being active lately! :(


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iconheliosmegistos: and :iconaufigirl: among others. Also, :iconrosel-d: and :iconchaneljay: even if just because we're in the same country. :XD:

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
  :iconaufigirl: through our RPing over the years has been inspiring and helping me improve on my writing skills, among others. 

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
  MS Word and P
hotoshop. It's not much, but it gets the job done.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
hereever it is quiet, comfortable and...well, inspiring. :XD:

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
hearing feedback on the RDNA-verse. From there, well, stuff happens. :)

All that said and done, have a great evening! :)


  • Mood: Optimism

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"Crown Prince Anthony... Brother!. You are charged with treason against the throne, incitement of rebellion, attempted murder of... myself... the Basilissa, the murder of the Maiden of Dawn... our sister... Astraea IV and the defilement of sacred grounds of several Celestiums" - - - Basilissa Aurora XIII

"In light of these crimes as well as the attempted rape of the Crown Princesses... our younger sisters..., the abduction and attempted murder of Lady Dawnwood an honored guest and the support for the seditious ideology of Republicanism and a return to Senatorial institutions. I sentance, the Basilissa, Aurora XIII Eosopoulou sentence you to "DEATH" of Personality. May your new life and identity serve the realm better then your disgraceful present one ever did" - - - Basilissa Aurora XXIII
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I see she is a Just Basilissa. ;)

Also, something I just came up for my EU4 Austria game...continuing over from CK2:

"My concerns and those of the Reich's subjects are not of petty squabbles among nobles. Look yonder, to the arts! To our bonds of marriage. To our arquesbus and pikes! Look further, I challenge thee, past the seas and thou shall find a brave new world to make one's own." - - - Kaiser Arnulf I Edelstein, AD 1478.
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It occures to me that I'm morally myopic and hypocritical on certain issues.
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Also, I get what you mean. In some respects, each one of us is hypocritical over something.
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